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General Information

Situated in the northeast part of Sofia Tech Park, the Incubator includes approximately 6,200 square meters of office space designed for startup companies that develop innovative products within the three major focal areas of the Science and Technology Park: Information and Communication Technologies, Life Sciences and Green Energy. The space is specifically designed for office use, networking, and further development of company ideas and innovations, as well as to provide these companies with access to various sources of funding.

Part of the office space of the Incubator is intended for mature companies, from which younger startups can draw valuable knowledge and experience. The remaining parts of the Incubator are comprised of funds that invest in young companies, entrepreneurial organizations that support the development of the innovation ecosystem in Bulgaria as well as conference rooms for shared use, storage rooms, recreation and sports areas and more.

24 high-tech companies, including 19 startups presently work and diligently continue to develop their innovative business ideas within the Sofia Tech Park office space. At the moment, Incubator members are companies that offer IT services, software innovations in livestock, security, companies that create new products, develop new materials, and much more. Well-established organizations such as Cleantech Clean Technology Network, Microsoft Innovation Center, Tech Tour Network and Junior Achievement Bulgaria are just some examples of the companies housed here. Unicredit Bulbank also has its office situated in the Incubator.

Access to development support services is available to the startup companies here, including legal, accounting, marketing, administrative and advertising services, as well as assistance with applying for funding from various institutions and organizations.

Rules for the selection of startups and state support for small and medium-sized enterprises

Management of the Sofia Tech Park Incubator is carried out under procedural rules in support of small and medium-sized innovative enterprises and using criteria for the selection of startup / mature enterprises. The rules have been developed in line with the requirements of the European Commission (EC), which funds (through the Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness") Sofia-based project "Creating a Science and Technology Park". Support for SMEs is in line with the State financial help scheme under Art. 28, par. 4 of Commission Regulation (EU) 651/2014.

Selection is carried out by a distinguished committee consisting of experts from Sofia Tech Park and the R&D Association and is in accordance with specific criteria and indicators.

Main requirements for applicant companies are:

  • Candidates must be registered in Bulgaria. For startup companies, the registration cannot exceed three years from the submission of the letter of intent to Sofia Tech Park;
  • The applicant company must fall under one of the three main focus areas of the park: Information and communication technologies; Life sciences (including biotechnology, pharmacy, food and agriculture); Green energy and clean technologies;
  • At least 30% of the business of the applicant company must be related to research and / or development to create and/or market new products, processes or services;
  • At least 30% of the applicant company staff must be engaged in research and development;
  • Upon applying, the applicant company must fall into the category for small and medium enterprise according to Art. 3 of the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Act (SMA);
  • The applicant's activity may not be aimed at routine (non-essential) changes to existing products / services or technologies.

Applicant companies must meet the administrative compliance criteria and undergo a technical evaluation, assessing the innovation and quality of their business, economic outlook and the market potential of the product or service being developed as well as other indicators that are part of an established system of evaluation criteria and methodology.

Control and monitoring of incubated enterprises

Upon signing a lease with the approved companies, Sofia Tech Park AD performs follow-up control and monitoring of the implementation of the planned goals and results of each of the enterprises. It is also noteworthy to mention that startup companies may even benefit from a preferential rent with the assistance of state financial help within three years of signing the initial lease for office space in the Incubator.

Required application documents

  1. Letter of Intent, containing a general overview of the enterprise, a description of its field of activity (which should fall into one of the focal areas of the Science and Technology Park), as well as motives declaring the desire to occupy space in Incubator. The letter must be mailed to the following address: Sofia, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd 111B, floor 3 or by e-mail: office@sofiatech.bg and should include the following information:

- When was the enterprise created?

- What is the legal and organizational form and activity?

- Which products and / or services are in development?

- What is the nature of the research and / or development and does it fall into one of the focal areas of the Science and Technology Park?

- Are there any specific requirements for occupying space in the Incubator?

- What is the team composition/count?

- What funding has your company received so far (public and/or private)?

2. Subsequent to the initial perusal and consideration of the documents, candidates will receive a list of documents from Sofia Tech Park AD, accompanied by instructions for preparation. The following required documentation must be filled out and submitted to the Sofia Tech Park registry office:

A) Application form (filled out as per template)

B) Declaration under Art. 3 and Art. 4 of the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Act as (per the instructions)

C) Shareholders' Book - applicable to public limited and limited liability companies

D) Company Agreement - applicable to limited liability companies, single-member limited liability companies, partnerships and limited partnerships

E) Shareholders' Book and Statute - applicable to limited partnerships with shares

F) Statute - applicable to cooperatives

G) Statement of capital distribution of the company - applicable to public limited liability companies

H) Proof of establishment of the enterprise

I) Statement of capital distribution of the enterprise (applicable to public limited liability companies)

In the event that the company applying for assistance has a completed financial year, the following documents must also be attached to the declaration:

J) Annual Financial Statements - Income Statement and Balance Sheet

K) Employee references, salaries and other labor costs - for the last completed financial year

L) Reference for the aggregate parameters of the enterprise submitting a declaration under Art. 3 and Art. 4 of SMPS

(M) State / Minimum Aid Statement

N) Declaration of received state aid under Art. 28, par. 4 of Regulation (EC) No 651/2014 and / or under Art. 36 of Commission Regulation No 800/2008 (if applicable)

Sofia Tech Park AD is registered as an administrator under the Personal Data Protection Act and ensures that the provided information is 100% confidential and will be used solely for registration purposes of the companies in the Incubator.

Here’s a list of some of the current partner startups housed in the Incubator:

Kidamom Ltd. - supply an interactive environment for children up to 12 years of age, which enriches skills and knowledge in a fun way. They provide a medium through which to introduce children to today's digital world, developing their individual habits by offering quality content and parental control. They develop VOD services targeting families and children. One such service includes a video cloud allowing families to share memorable moments and experiences with each other on a global scale. In partnership with Xenium Ltd., Kidamom Ltd also developed a video solution based on semantic analysis (Artificial Intelligence), aimed at business clients from all over the world. Partners of the project are Ontotext JSC - a world leader in semantic technologies.

EuroPATS Ltd. has created an innovative device for the protection of children with autism. CAPPO is a global technological innovation based on an innovative software program. It is an electronic device with a plurality of sensors that is placed in specially designed clothing on the back of the child and monitors their physical location, the position of their body, their movement, vibration, temperature and/or whether the body is touching water. This software program then delivers this information to corresponding mobile devices or tablets of the parents increasing safety for the child and minimizing stress and anxiety for the parent.

Playground Energy Ltd. – they harvest the kinetic energy from playgrounds and give it back to children in the form of light or sounds in order to motivate them to play more.

Escreo Ltd - produce innovative paint for walls which allow you to write, doodle, even paint on them. They are suitable for classrooms as well as for public spaces and private children's rooms.

FootballScout Plc - work on a Networking platform in the football field ("Football Linkedin"). Each user can create and search for football events from around the world via their account. The platform has introduced varying types of accounts for players, coaches and fans.

Inteltech Engineering Ltd. - is involved in developing a CASE solution for the creation of HMI middleware in the form of a software toolchain and framework aimed at automating the development of automotive-specific user interfaces.

A4E Ltd. – provide affordable, easy to understand and use analytical solutions. Their analytical framework guarantees flexible and affordable pricing models, easy and hassle-free usage and constant improvement of the service for all types of businesses.

Welldrinks Ltd. - established at the end of 2014 with the main focus of developing new functional waters.

Prof.ai Ltd - works on the development of a marketing platform based on research in the field of artificial intelligence, information retrieval and processing of natural languages.

JBoxers Ltd. - IT Start-up set up at the end of 2013 working on developing two products in the field of artificial intelligence and embedded devices. It has its own platform for business and organizational management. One of their major projects is Fleet Profiler, which is in the prototype phase. It is a vehicle monitoring and analysis system, driving style and driver profile, fleet management and tracking.

ENGAVE INTERNATIONAL LTD - develops innovative solutions in three areas: mobile banking, healthcare (telemedicine) and data safety in private and public "clouds".

AGROMO Ltd. - Agromo is a start-up company working on remote-sensing technologies for observation of large areas of agricultural land. The mission of the company is to provide reliable and regular information to farmers about the condition of their crops and also alert them for potential problems that can hardly be noticed on the ground. At present, the Agromo team, along with several other habilitated people, is carrying out a research project under one of the PECS (Plan for European Cooperating States) programs, which aims to create a model for defining phases of plant development based on satellite observations.

Sciant - a start-up company founded in February 2016, which has already grown to 20 people. One of their products is COWEB - a library of lightweight user interface components built into HTML / CSS / JavaScript. The library can be included in any web-based user interface of the system.

HeleCloud - a cloud service startup and partner of the world leader Amazon Web Services. HeleCloud's mission is to lay the foundations for mass adoption of cloud services as the primary platform for Information and Communication Technologies in medium and large-scale corporate environments. To accomplish this mission, HeleCloud explores and analyzes challenges for large corporate organizations, focusing on information security, information and regulatory compatibility, IT services management, and effective and timely planning and implementation of cloud solutions.

Auto Park Bulgaria -  established in 2014, the objective of the project is realization of the ACB vision, and namely: set-up of automotive industry in Bulgaria.

Super foods Ltd. - specialize in the production of raw bio foods. The company develops its technology to produce specialized foods with all the qualities necessary for a healthy diet. It is the first company in Europe to work and enforce the Health Star Rating system, and in 2016 their products were declared the best new special dietary products at one of the major European organic products exhibitions in London.

Cleantech Bulgaria - Engaged in research, development and consultancy in the field of clean technologies and environmental protection, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Additionally, within the areas of energy management, energy and resource efficiency, climatic risks, development, project management and consultancy and brokerage services for the development of innovative technologies and support for the start of economic activity. The company works together with innovators and researchers.

Our tenants also include:

Microsoft Innovation Center - Through its partnership with InterConsult Bulgaria (ICB) and Start it Smart, the Microsoft Innovation Center supports entrepreneurs in every step of their path - from the development of an idea to the foundation of a new company. Through a variety of programs, entrepreneurs will have access to training, mentors and various Microsoft tools that will enable them to reach the next level in their business development.

Tech Tour Global - Deals with the organization of events within which the serious investment community, formed by the group, examines and evaluates the ideas and concepts of more than 2000 start-ups and developing companies from Europe. This relationship between companies and potential community investors is accomplished by conducting a series of 25 events each year.

Junior Achievement –  Member of Junior Achievement Worldwide (JAWW) and its regional operating center Junior Achievement–Young Enterprise Europe (JA-YE). Junior Achievement is the world's leading organization offering contemporary programs and courses in business, economics, and entrepreneurial spirit development through educational and practical activities in economic and financial literacy, business skills, leadership, and success strategies.

Balkan Logic Ltd. - Works on the development of innovative solutions in the field of energy and Internet of Things.