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John Atanasoff Innovation Forum


Serving as a bridge between the scientific and business communities, the John Atanasoff Innovation Forum is an event center that hosts a variety of events thematically related to the main focus areas of the Science and Technology Park – science, information and communication technologies, innovation, education and green energy. Events may also be of an economic nature.

Its core function is to facilitate the formation of the ecosystem in the field of transfer of high-tech knowledge and innovation and to provide an appropriate environment for the exchange of ideas. The infrastructure has been built within the framework of the Science and Technology Park project and has been in operation since December 2015.

The Innovation Forum features a main conference hall which accommodates up to 1000 seats. The space can be divided with soundproof partitions, where two separate halls with a capacity of 250 seats each and one of 450 seats can be used simultaneously for various events. The ground floor of the forum houses an additional event hall with a capacity of up to 500 seats. An outdoor amphitheater is set up in front of the Innovation Forum, suitable for organizing outdoor events.

As part of the infrastructure of Sofia Tech Park, the management and operation of the forum are subject to the conditions of project "Transformation of the Science and Technology Park" and strictly observe the requirement of carrying out the ratio of 80% non-profit activities to 20% business activities. “John Atanasoff” is transferred for free management to the R & D Association, which manages the research infrastructure within Sofia Tech Park.

The Team

The team at Sofia Tech Park has extensive experience in consulting, preparing and organizing events of all types and distinguishing itself with professionalism and creativity. We partner with proven professionals in the field of technical equipment, rental equipment, catering and any other necessary elements for the creation of a successful event.

 In a Nutshell: The John Atanasoff Innovation Forum offers:

  • Main conference room (includes halls 1 + 2 + 3) - capacity up to 1000 seats (arrangement - theater type)
  • Two conference halls (hall 1 and 3) - capacity up to 250 seats (arrangement - theater type)
  • Conference hall (hall 2) - capacity up to 450 seats (arrangement - theater type)
  • Conference hall (hall 4 at ground floor level - 3.30) - capacity up to 500 seats
  • Open (outdoor) amphitheater - capacity up to 150 seats

All rental rates are determined by a methodology approved by the General Assembly of the R & D Association which is responsible for the management of the John Atanasoff Innovation Forum and the Laboratory Complex. The values ​​are competitive and match the market for the defined type of services and activities.

Organizers of non-profit events pay only the direct costs generated by the events, determined also by a methodology approved by the General Assembly of the Research and Development Association.

Contact Details:

Address: Sofia, Blvd "Tsarigradsko shose" 111 B

Email: events@sofiatech.bg

Telephone: +359889 900 625;

                     +359889 900 607