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The Experimentarium is part of the Science and Technology infrastructure and is designed with the intent of creating a museum of innovation and high technology targeting people of all ages. At the moment, it is fully functional with a complete infrastructure that provides over 2,000 square meters of exhibition space. Separate departments and service units such as an information desk, bookstore, children's workshops, laboratories and more are envisioned for the near future.

Shining the spotlight on children, the Experimentarium aims to create an environment which introduces kids to the world of science and technology through interactive exhibitions, hands-on workshops, lectures and demonstrations. Parents and visitors alike will also get a chance to participate and get acquainted with diverse innovative products. The goal is to foster creative thinking, disseminate knowledge and to spark and ignite a passion for science and technology.

The Details

The Experimentarium is comprised of three main exhibition halls equipped with special LED exhibition lighting. The size of the halls are ​​193.5 square meters, 882.2 square meters and 1040.39 square meters respectively.

Directly connected to the Experimentarium is the newly built bridge over Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. It contains a designated space for exhibitions, as well as pedestrian access to the museum center, the park area and the remaining buildings of the Science and Technology Park. All these areas are conveniently located near public transportation and the park’s garage which can accommodate up to 500 vehicles.

According to the requirements of the Science and Technology Park project, financed by the European Commission's Operational Program "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy", a minimum of 80% of the annual space capacity of the Experimentarium will be used for exhibitions, events and educational activities.


Stages of Development

A study is under way to prepare a preliminary concept for the management and operation of the Experimentarium’s infrastructure and the content of future exhibitions. The management of Sofia Tech Park is in negotiations with companies and organizations that would contribute to the creation of high quality, educational, thought-provoking and stimulating exhibitions.

The aspiration of Sofia Tech Park is to ensure that the Experimentarium be the first of its kind in the country and become part of the European network of scientific centers.

The Park

The Green Zone of Sofia Tech Park is open and fully accessible to all citizens and guests of Sofia. The open spaces are richly landscaped and equipped with the first in Sofia innovative solar benches geared with charging stations for electronic devices of all kinds, modern park furniture, a captivating water mirror, dry fountain, playground, outdoor fitness, jogging alleys, small park squares and an open amphitheater. The park is suitable for organizing outdoor events, shedding some stress, or simply taking a relaxing stroll.


Contact Details:

Address: Sofia, Blvd "Tsarigradsko shose" 111 A

Email: events@sofiatech.bg


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