Areas for rent

Sofia Tech Park offers modern and cozy office spaces, suitable for innovative start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, as well as for already developed businesses.

The main offices, with a total area of about 6,000 square meters, are located in the Business Incubator. Considering the implementation of the mission and tasks of Sofia Tech Park, the start-up companies use a preference in the rental price of the office areas (see the table).

Nearly 4,000 square meters of business premises for rent are also positioned in the Laboratory building.

for startup companies 4.00 2.00
for mature companies 8.00 2.00

Our shared office space Groworking in the Business Incubator has 35+ dedicated desks designed for start-ups, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs.

At disposal of the start-up companies and the developing technological teams are also the team work areas, rest and lunch zone, conference halls with modern equipment and other accompanying services. The youngest innovators and researchers have their own dedicated spot also. We have prepared a children’s area which is specially designed to boost their creativity and interests in science.

To reserve your desk or a meeting room, and for more information, please visit

For more information regarding the prices andGroworking terms see here.

The office spaces of the Incubator building are part of the Sofia Tech Park’s Incubation programs targeting young start-ups. The selection process is based on a document and presentation in front of an expert commission, which includes established representatives of the innovative community, venture capital funds, organizations working in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as representatives of the Association for Research and Development at the Science and Technology Park.

Main requirements for applicant companies are:

– Candidates must be registered in Bulgaria. For startup companies, the registration cannot exceed three years from the submission of the letter of intent to Sofia Tech Park;

– The applicant company must fall under one of the three main focus areas of the park: Information and communication technologies; Life sciences (including biotechnology, pharmacy, food and agriculture); Green energy and clean technologies;

– At least 30% of the business of the applicant company must be related to research and / or development to create and/or market new products, processes or services;

– At least 30% of the applicant company staff must be engaged in research and development;

– Upon applying, the applicant company must fall into the category for small and medium enterprise according to Art. 3 of the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Act (SMA);

– The applicant’s activity may not be aimed at routine (non-essential) changes to existing products / services or technologies.

Applicant companies must meet the administrative compliance criteria and undergo a technical evaluation, assessing the innovation and quality of their business, economic outlook and the market potential of the product or service being developed as well as other indicators that are part of an established system of evaluation criteria and methodology.

In order to apply, the company needs to submit documents, which are prepared in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in a specific Instruction for application. Access to the sample documents and the specified instruction is provided at the following: link.

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