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We work hard towards the implementation of the newest technologies from fields such as Genetics (next generation DNA sequencing, CRISPR), Metagenomics, Biomedical equipment for Reproductive Medicine, Microfluidics, novel Bioprocesses, etc. We have a sole purpose – to introduce the newest scientific discoveries as quickly as possible in food industry, clinics, hospitals, even in our own homes.

We introduce new sequencing technologies that allow for the analysis of a single DNA molecule as quickly as 10-15 minutes, we are developing a novel metagenomics indexing software which manages to discover all biological species existing in an environmental, food or medical sample within a couple of hours, we utilize the newly discovered bacterial capacity to generate methane from electricity, we even engineer our own gluten sensing devices.

We created the first Bulgarian student team in Synthetic Biology which last year managed to get a silver medal at the iGEM 2017 competition in Boston (MA).


  1. Development of an automated system for the generation virtual metabolic networks. We are developing a software capable of retrieving the complete list of enzymatic reactions of an organism defined by the user from the free internet databases. The obtained results are cross-checked between all the existing databases. This system would allow for the accelerated development of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics projects, especially in the applied fields of Industrial Biotechnology, Pharmaceutics and Retrosynthetic Metabolic Pathway development.
  2. Development of a novel approach for the optimization of metabolic networks through Flux Balance Analysis. The existing optimization techniques are largely based on the simplex algorithm, therefore being severely limited. We are developing novel algorithms aimed at the finding of local solutions of the optimization task based on the principles of thermodynamic chemical equilibrium, which allows for the analysis of not just the stationary state, but also of the process dynamics. The latter would be used for the improvement of bioprocesses not just quantitavely, but also qualitatively and for rendering more efficient the existing industrial biotechnology.
  3. Development of a complete system for Metagenomic data analysis.


  1. Development of laboratory equipment for the facilitation of assisted reproduction in humane and veterinary medicine. We envision the engineering of devices increasing the efficiency (success rate, reduction of time and cost, etc.) of the process of vital spermatozoid selection, in vitro fertilization, ICSI, as well as egg cell incubation. The engineering of the devices should be joint effort with partner organizations (start-up companies, fertility clinics, etc.)
  2. Development of instrumentation for the express detection of pathogens in liquid samples (blood, food, etc.). The sensing method is based on the antigen-antibody reaction and surface acoustic waves.
  3. Development of laboratory equipment for the facilitation of high-throughput characterization of super-producer strains. The engineered devices will allow for the parallel performance of a high number of experiments characterized by strict monitoring of the environmental conditions (medium compound, chemistry and physics). We envision application of this technique in the field of Industrial Biotechnology. There is a possibility for a cooperation with leading producers of animal feed and additives, active substances, pharmaceutics, etc.

Biotechnology and Cell Biology

  1. Development of highly efficient methods for bioprocess cultures post processing for protein and other active substances extraction with application in the fields of nutrition, humane and veterinary medicine.
  2. Research of the possibility for utilization of X-rays instead of gamma radiation for the treatment of bioactive substances. Preliminary consultations with leading oncology and hematology clinics have already been conducted.
  3. Research of the potential and development of methods and instrumentation for the application of stem cells in treatment of incurable diseases such as Alzheimer, Type I diabetes, Myocardial infarction, etc.
  4. Research of the potential for biotechnological production of amino acids from substrates with zero or negative cost.

Completed projects

1.Development of a complete system for Metagenomic data analysis.

  • User specified strain improvement
  • Personalized genetic sequencing (through subcontracting or directly by the Lab)
  • User specified genetic engineering of microorganism
  • Fabrication of microfluidics prototypes and other microstructures
  • Еngineering of specialized research equipment
  • Development of specific microarray biochips (through subcontracting)
  • Strain storage
  • Cell and tissue culture storage
  • Engineering of Bioinformatics software
  • Metagenomic data analysis
  • Metagenomic sequencing
  • Cell counter
  • PCR machine
  • Epifluorescent microscope
  • Inverted phase contrast microscope with heating stage
  • Controlled rate freezing system
  • Liquid nitrogen cryopreservation system
  • Microarray biochip scanner
  • Plasma cleaner
  • Maskless lithography system
  • Profilometer
Vasil Galabov, Associate Professor
TU – Sofia

Research areas: Bioautomatics, Automated data processing and management, Automatisation of production


1985, he graduated from Technical and biomedical cybernetics at the Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany. Vasil Galabov specialized in the laboratories of Interakustiks AD assens, Denmark.He has been guest lecturing in Karlsruyski Institute of Technology, Germany. Author of over 60 articles and publications and participated in over 10 projects implemented in the field of scientific activities.

Sofia, bul. Tsarigradsko Shousse 111
Laboratory Complex, Floor 2


Phone: + 359 889 900 614


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