Enterprise Europe Network


Sofia Tech Park is part of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the largest information and consulting network in Europe to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of their innovation and technological potential.

The mission of EEN https://enterprise-europe-network.bg is to support and assist the SMEs to take advantage of the different opportunities for business and innovative development in the EU’s single market and beyond, by providing integrated services for business, cooperation and innovation and facilitating access to the European and global markets.

As a core part of its activity, the network supports the search for and finding of international business and project partners in over 60 countries and helps entrepreneurs become part of the global markets by organizing events and business forums.

Enterprise Europe Network looks for European funding opportunities of scientific research and entrepreneurial projects, provides expert assistance to businesses, research and branch organizations when applying for the Horizon Europe Program, and promotes the market realization of innovations.

As part of the network, Sofia Tech Park provides the following consulting services to support the Bulgarian businesses:
  • Establishing international partnerships
  • Organizing bilateral business meetings (so-called brokerage days)
  • Providing access to the EEN Platform for business offers or requests for collaboration, innovation and technology suppliers and R&D agreements
  • Supporting direct contacts with other organizations from the EEN network (within EU and in third countries)
  • Assisting companies form international consortia and prepare joint projects proposals under the Framework Programs of the EC, incl. the European Innovation Council (EIC)
  • Organizing and conducting seminars and trainings for capacity building for pitching presentations to investors
  • Other services and consultations

Sofia Tech Park is partner to: “Innovate Forward to Business Sustainability and Resiliencе” Project (InnoForward), financed under the Single Market Programme (SMP) of the European Commission, and establishing the EEN activity in Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria, the network unites 12 organizations from Burgas, Varna, Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Ruse, Sofia, and Stara Zagora (https://een.bg/za-een/): „ARC Consulting“, Sofia Tech Park JSC, Bulgarian Industrial Association, Joint Innovation Center, Renewable Energy Sources Cluster, SMEs Business Support Center – Rousse, South-East Digital Innovation Hub, Marine Cluster Bulgaria, Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Stara Zagora, Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Plovdiv, Mechatronics and Automatization Cluster and Regional Innovation Center ‘Ambitious Gabrovo’.


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