Services and prices Forum

Services and prices Forum

The Innovation Forum “John Atanasoff” provides event rooms that are air-conditioned, illuminated and with excellent functionality. Additional event organizers can also use up to 500 conference chairs.

Offers for rent or use of halls in the Innovation Forum and the Laboratory Complex are determined depending on the type of events and are divided into profit and non-profit.

Tenders for non-profit events are prepared on the basis of detailed information to be provided by the organizer of the event including: topic of the event; which is the target of the event; who organizes and supports the event; the duration of the event in hours and the duration of the preparation / disassembling of the event in hours.
Organizers of non-profit events pay only the direct costs that are generated while conducting events.
Profit events are in the price range from BGN 1 500 lv. to 5 500 lv. excluding VAT per day. Please bear in mind that the price depends on the rental area.

The Science and Technology Park has an experienced and motivated team of specialists in organizing and conducting events with different scales.
They will respond to your inquiries and proposals in an operational order via mail or phone call.

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