Scientific Research

The main scientific research unit is the Laboratory Complex. It consists of 11 laboratories furnished with specialized equipment and is managed by an independent Consortium, established specifically for that purpose. The members of the Research and Innovation and Development Consortium are leading academic institutions such as Sofia University, Technical University Sofia, Medical University Sofia and others. The laboratories are managed by prominent Bulgarian scientists, who have appointed their teams.

The laboratories provide opportunities to the academic field and the business to develop their own scientific projects, as well as the development of products and services with the help of the laboratory teams, so that they can reach successfully the market.

The laboratory complex is a place for children’s training in the fields of robotics and chemistry, as well as other extracurricular activities.

Sofia Tech Park and the R&D&I Consortium are included in the national scientific program network through the Ministry of Education and Science, which allows young researchers from universities and other scientific research organizations to conduct researches on new technologies. The program is expected to start November 2018.


Organization and holding of events

Sofia Tech Park has the following options for holding of events:

Innovation Forum “John Atanasoff”

–       Main conference hall (consists of halls 1+2+3) – with capacity up to 1000 places (arrangement type theater)

–       Two conference halls (hall 1 and 3) – with capacity up to 250 places (arrangement type theater)

–      Conference hall (hall 2) – with capacity up to 450 places (arrangement type theater)

–       Conference hall (hall 4 at level – 3.30) – with capacity up to 500 places

–       Open amphitheater – with capacity to 150 places

Laboratory complex

Conference hall 1 – with capacity up to 120 places (arrangement type theater)

–       Conference hall 2 – with capacity up to 50 places (arrangement type theater)

–       Conference hall 3 – with capacity up to 40 places (arrangement type theater)

–       Conference hall 4 – with capacity up to 40 places (arrangement type theater)


Rental of office space

The business incubator of Sofia Tech Park offers approximately 6 200 sq.m. office space, intended for start-ups, who develop innovative products in the three main focal points of the science and technology park  – information and telecommunication technologies, life science and green energy. The space is specifically organized for office work, networking and aid of start-up companies to turn their ideas into a successful business, as well as to have access to different financing sources.

A part of the office space of the Incubator is envisaged for mature companies, from which the start-ups can get valuable knowledge and experience, funds, who invest in young companies, entrepreneurship organizations, who support the development of the innovation eco-system in Bulgaria. The Incubator provides to start-up companies fully equipped and furnished office space, conference halls for joint usage, warehouse, recreation area, sport facilities and others.

Permanent interactive children’s center TechnoMagicLand

Provides entertaining interactive activities in versatile science fields for children aged 7 to 14.