Sofia Tech Park is the first science and technology park in Bulgaria, created with the aim to be established as a platform for exchange of knowledge and ideas between the academic field, the business, the government and the society.

Its mission is to turn into a prestigious location for the world, regional and national researchers and the innovative companies in Bulgaria and through the Balkans. To enhance the system for support of innovation and new technologies by providing aid to companies, which contribute to the development of the economy and the knowledge in the country. To unite the efforts of the business and science, by focusing mainly on development and implementation of projects in the three focal points of the park – ICT, life science and clean energy.

The park’s goal is to enhance the competitiveness of science and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria through improvement of exchange of knowledge between academic field and the business. To act as a platform for development of start-ups and innovation ideas and to catalyze the commercialization process of scientific research.

In order to complete its mission the science and technology park partners with leading universities, business clusters, big international companies, Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, non-governmental institutions and others.


The priorities for the development and the activities of Sofia Tech Park are information and communication technologies, life science, green energy, education, entrepreneurship, innovation, technologies, support of start-ups.