Rules for the Incubator

Do you want to be part of the innovation eco-system of Sofia Tech Park? Here is what you need to know:

The applicants for the Incubator’s office spaces need to compy with the following requirements:

–       To be registered in Bulgaria (trader according to the Trade Act). For all start-up companies the registration needs to be not more than 3 years before the Letter of Intent is sent to Sofia Tech Park.

–       The applicant should be innovative and its activities to comply with the focal points of the Park: information and communication technologies; life science, which include biotechnologies, pharmacy, foods and agriculture; green energy and clean technologies.

–       At least 30% of the activities of the applicant should be related to scientific research and/or to development activities with the purpose to create and offer to the market new products, processes and services.

–       At least 30% of the personnel to be engaged in scientific research and development activities

–       At the moment of application the company should be categorized as a small and medium size company, as stipulated in Art.3 of the Law on Small and Medium Enterprises

–       The applicant’s activity should not be focused on routine (non-essential) changes of existing products/services, or technologies.

The applicants should comply with the administrative compliance criteria. The companies undergo technical evaluation, in which innovation, activity’s quality, economic perspective of the market potential of the developed products or services are evaluated, as well as other KPIs, which are part of the approved criteria and evaluation methodology system.

The rental price per sq.m for start-up companies, which comply with the above requirements, is 3.30 EUR VAT excluded. An additional management and maintenance fee amounting to 2.00 EUR VAT excluded per sq.m. calculated over the rented office space is due. The rental price for mature companies is 6.60 EUR VAT excluded plus the management and maintenance fee amounting to 2.00 EUR VAT excluded per sq.m. (calculated on the rented office space). After the signing of the contracts with the approved companies Sofia Tech Park JSC carries out follow-up control and monitoring of the forecasted targets and the results achieved of every single company. The achieved and forecasted targets and results, declared at the time of application, are reported. Additionally the occurrence of circumstances non-compliant with the incubating program of the science and technology park, or which change the company’s status are being followed up. The start-up companies may benefit from the preferential rental rates within the framework of the government aid maximum up to 3 years from the initial signing of the rental office space agreement within the Incubator.

More information on the requirements and the conditions is available here.


Rules for events organization in the Sofia Tech Park premises

The science and technology park provides multiple halls for organization and holding of events of diverse nature and size. The events should be focused on the themes related to the focal points of the Park – information and communication technologies, life science, green energy, as well as the priority scopes  – education, entrepreneurship, high technologies. Sofia Tech Park may host events with both profit and non-profit profile. The non-profit events cover only the direct expenses for the halls occupation. The prices for the halls occupation for an event are defined according to the methodology, approved by the management of the R&D&I Consortium.

More information is available here.


Rules for the use of the Laboratory complex units

The laboratories of Sofia Tech Park are at the disposal of all academic and business representatives, who want to develop their own innovative projects or services. The scientific units and their teams are managed by scientists, leaders in their own fields, representing the leading academic institutions in the country – Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, the Medical University Sofia, the Technical University Sofia.

An additional information for the services and the opportunities, available in the laboratories, may be found here.



The interactive children’s center TechnoMagicLand opened in June 2018 in the Museum/Experimentarium building. It provides interesting and entertaining demonstrations, trials, lectures, trainings and other activities in different scientific fields targeted for children aged 7 to 14+, as well as for their parents. The interactive children’s centre is open everyday, except Mondays.

More information on the display, the working hours and the conditions for a visit is available here.

The building additionally provides halls (800 sq.m. and 200 sq.m.) for temporary displays. The conditions for the rental is available here.


Rules for the use of the Sports Centre Tech-sport

The sports center part of the science and technology park is open for all citizen and visitors of the capital. It consists of 4 tennis courts, mini-football field and a volleyball and a basketball field. There is also a fitness club, as well as a hall for group activities and a cafe.

More information on the rules and the prices are available here.


Multi-storey parking

The multi-storey parking of Sofia Tech Park provides approximately 450 places in a covered building. The prices are set at 1 BGN per hour, where the first 15 minutes are non-chargeable. The parking is open 24/7 and is at the disposal of all visitors and people working on the territory of the Park.