Office Buildings

Office Buildings

Sofia Tech Park holds the following business buildings:

Incubator’s building – 6 200 sq.m. office space, intended for start-ups, who develop innovation products in the three focal points of the science and technology park – information and telecommunication technologies, life science and green energy. The space is specifically organized for office work, networking and aid of start-ups to turn their ideas into a successful business, as well as to have access to different financing sources.

More information on the application process for the use of the office space in the Incubator is available here.

A part of the office space of the Incubator is envisaged for mature companies, from which the start-ups can get valuable knowledge and experience, funds, who invest in young companies, entrepreneurship organizations, who support the development of the innovation eco-system in Bulgaria.

The Incubator provides to start-up companies fully equipped and furnished office space, conference halls for joint usage, warehouse, recreation area, sport facilities and others.

At the moment 22 high-tech companies, 14 of which are start-ups, work and develop their innovative business ideas in the offices of Sofia Tech Park. For the time being members of the Incubator are companies, who offer IТ services, software innovation in livestock breeding, innovations in the security field, they create new products, develop new materials etc. Established organizations such as the network for clean technologies Cleantech, Microsoft Innovation Center, the network for risk investment Tech Tour, Junior Achievement Bulgaria are also present here. Unicredit Bulbank operates an office here as well.

Walltopia Collider Activity Center

The multifunctional center, built on the territory of the science and technology park by the first private investor and world leader in the production of artificial climbing walls Walltopia is present here. It offers an area of 13 000 sq.m., including office space for innovative companies with research activities, recreation areas and a sports complex.