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The Incubator of Sofia Tech Park is the place where the innovative start-up business meets opportunities for developing products, services and prototypes in the three main focal areas of the science and technology park – information and telecommunication technologies, life sciences and green energy.

For the start-ups there are acceleration programs, venture capital funds that invest in helping develop from the idea to realization. Companies can develop their R & D activities thanks to the latest laboratory equipment in the Laboratory Complex of Sofia Tech Park.

Here is the home of high-tech, digital and IT companies, as well as specialists dealing with virtual reality, artificial intelligence, environmental protection, biotechnology and innovation.



27 companies are working in the Incubator

27 high-tech companies including 14 startups are already working and develop their innovative business ideas in the Sofia Tech Park’ office space. Currently members of the Incubator are companies that offer IT services, software innovations in livestock, security, biotechnology, create new products, develop new materials, and more. Well-еstablished organizations such as Tech Tour Global Network, Automotive Cluster and World Bank Shared Services Center have their offices in the Incubator.

The start-ups has also access to services that will support their development – legal, accounting, marketing, administrative, advertising, assistance in applying for funding programs from different institutions and organizations.

The Science and Technology Park provides to the start-ups access to 11 high-tech modern laboratories where they can validate their research as well as partnership with leading universities and scientists.


The shared office space of Sofia Tech Park – Groworking, has 35+ work spaces designed for start-ups, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs. We hope that the facilities we have created will enable employees to develop their ideas in successful innovative endeavors. Available at the startups and developing technology teams are team work areas for teams, chill zone, dining area, conference halls with modern equipment and other related services.

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The Club House event space is part of Groworking. The multifunctional compact hall is equipped with 9.1 Dolby Atmos ® audio and video equipment and provides opportunity  to organize events in the scope of ICT, life sciences and green energy. Club House is the place to establishing Club of interests where 6 clubs are already interacting in various initiatives and partnerships.

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