Available offices

Available offices

available offices


Sofia Tech Park announces a competition for available office space for companies that develop technologies and manage know-how projects with R&D value of a new generation. We welcome technology and innovative companies with experience and focus in the field of ICT, Green and Clean Energy, Life Sciences, Biotech, Fintech and R&D. If your company successfully breaks through the challenges of the new time in these complex economic conditions and you are looking for a new home for your business, where to keep your team and develop new markets, welcome to apply to Sofia Tech Park. The space is suitable for companies that want to develop their business ideas in an entrepreneurial atmosphere and are in the process of implementing their products and services and are looking for an environment of like-minded people and collaborators. If you are ready for commercialization on the market and if you are looking for potential partners, the Business Incubator of Sofia Tech Park provides access to a network of international contacts and an environment for fruitful future cooperation.

The office in the Incubator is located in the most communicative building, which is in the heart of a vast green park. Centrally located behind the lobby there is a restaurant-garden. The office space has an area of ​​540 sq.m, including 15% common areas and an adjoining terrace. The rental price is 8 EUR per square meter per month. Price for service charge is 2 EUR per sq m per month. The office is located on the third, top floor of the building, with access to a sun terrace and partially sloping attic. On your disposal there are also meeting rooms for teamwork, a kitchen, shared spaces, event halls. If interested, it is possible to rent part of the offered areas on a shared basis.

More information about the office space can be found HERE

application procedure

The selection process is part of procedure of selection by application and presentation to an expert commission involving well established representatives of the innovation community, experts from venture capital funds, financiers, entrepreneurs as well as representatives of the Research and Development Consortium of Sofia Tech Park.

All the applications must be submitted in accordance with the terms and conditions in the Applicant’s Guide. For more information of the application process, please visit the following: link .


Type of company
price for office area per square meter
 price for service charge per square meter
start-up  4.00 2.00
mature company  8.00 2.00