Creative workshops

Creative workshops

Don’t miss: 3D Modelling & SOLIDWORKS Workshop for curious little ones with interest in modelling


Besides intensive training courses and demonstrations, TechnoMagicLand organizes workshops, which in a summarized way get the curious little ones in touch with the beauty of science.

The next workshop in the full TML calendar is „3D Modelling & SOLIDWORKS“. It is intended for children around and above 12 years of age and will be 120 minutes long. In order for the workshop to be a pleasant and interactive experience at a maximum level 12 participants per workshop are planned, and the fee is 15 BGN.

The workshop is a short introduction to the 3D modelling world, introduction to the meaning of terms such as CAD and CAE and to the software functions for 3D modelling and industrial design – SOLIDWORKS.

The trainer of the workshop is Angel Aleksandrov – a young expert in the field of 3D modelling and the construction of products and is a lecturer in the training course in  TechnoMagicLand “Engineering for teens with first steps in SOLIDWORKS and 3D technologies“, which will be held in the period 15-18 October. (Please refer to our video with Angel here)

During the two-hour training the participants will get acquainted with some key definitions for the 3D modelling of products, which work with the basic commands and instruments for 2D drawing and the 3D modelling of SOLIDWORKS. The future engineers will have free access to the software and they will create simple models, which will be ready for 3D printing, or another type of production.

The signing up in the training courses and the workshops of  TechnoMagicLand is done by a parent, or a guardian by filling out of the electronic application below or by e-mail: