Tickets and services

Tickets and services


Age Single visit
Ticket for a child aged 3 to 14 4 BGN
Ticket for a visitor above 14 7 BGN
Children under 3years (children under 5 years are allowed only with an accompanying adult) free of charge
A group of more than 10 children 3 BGN
Accompanying Adult 7 BGN

A deposit of 3 BGN for a bracelet is due at the entrance of TechnoMagicLand. The bracelet is with RFID reader and allows access to the exhibition, as well as the activation of the experiments. The bracelet is returned while leaving, and the deposit is returned.

We recommend the group visits of 15 children, or more to be accompanied by two adults, where the second one will not be charged an entrance fee.

More information about the permanent exhibition is available here–

In order to plan your visit or training better, please refer to the schedule for the demonstrations and the training courses of TechnoMagicLand

Changes may occur to the already announced dates and hours, for which the visitors and the training participants will be informed in due time.