Dr. George Sharkov, head of the Cybersecurity Lab in Sofia Tech Park, in an interview with BloombergTV: “Without data safety and security there will be no digitalization.”

“Without data safety and security there will be no market digitalization, as well as implementation of artificial intelligence.” That was said by the head of Cybersecurity Lab in Sofia Tech Park, dr. George Sharkov, in an interview with Ivaylo Lakov, host of the “Club Investor” show. According his words, the pandemic happened to be an accelerating factor of the digitalization process but for this process is extremely important guaranteeing safety of the digitalization and of the sensitive data.

“In the last few years, the artificial intelligence is turning to the medical field – diagnostics, examination, processing of big amount of data.” commented dr. Sharkov. He pointed out that the AI is being implemented in the really diagnostics of diseases, including Covid-19, as well as in assessment of behaviour and clusterization, in medical resources management. Another field where the application of AI is possible is the personalized medicine and pharmacy based on research of human genome and the telemedicine. “The science development of the Moderna vaccine is based upon an artificial intelligence. This way was chosen the protein structure used in the vaccine. Through AI is possible the fast elimination of cases that won’t be productive – this is achieved by processing big amount of data and for their result it is very important the cybersecurity.” pointed out George Sharkov.

He reminded that this is exactly why was created the EU “white” paper for cybersecurity that is aimed at AI protection and security and prevention of its harmful use. The strategic document for AI development in the next few years is approved by the Bulgarian government.

“The development direction of the thinking artificial intelligence and cybersecurity is the European way and this is Europe’s advantage. EU will invest more than 20 billion euro in said field.” commented the expert. He reminded that the EU works hard on establishing ethical norms and rules when developing AI.

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