How we made the workplaces in Sofia Tech Park better with ESCREO!

10 March 2021

We present you the newest room for meetings and mini events in the Incubator building in Sofia Tech Park – ESCREO Meeting room. The place is created together with our partners from ESCREO, which is one of the first company to join the science and technology park’s community and it is one of the best examples of growth and success.

In 2016, ESCREO started its story in Sofia Tech Park as one of the first incubated innovative start-up companies. It started as a small company with only 3 employees. Later, for its success contributed many young and innovative experts.

While being part the Incubator’s community, the company developed many innovative products – for example, their paint that transforms any smooth surface into a place for writing and sharing ideas and the innovative acoustic panels. Recently, the company’s team started working on a paint that clears the air and one with heat-insulating capabilities, as well as on a sensor that tracks the 7 main physical characteristics of the work place.

ESCREO’s products are primarily directed at office spaces and educational institutions, but given the crisis they adapted rapidly and released products adapted for the home.

Since 2020, ESCREO preferred working from the shared work place at Sofia Tech Park – Groworking, where they test and develop new products and services. Furthermore, they enrich the comunity with providing knowledge, shared experience, innovative ideas, contact and networking.

ESCREO Meeting room is available for all start-up and mature companies in our business incubator. We hope it will be a place for inspiration and motivation, as well as an example for an excellent collaboration and progress.

ESCREO is a true inspirational story of success!

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