Scientists visited schools across the country as part of the SEARCH Project

Bulgarian scientists visited dozens of schools across the country and introduced students to the research profession and presented interesting facts and projects from the scientific fields they work in. The meetings with children are part of the activities of the SEARCH: SCIENCE + ENVIRONMENT + ART = RESILIENCE Project, which is being implemented under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Initiative of the Horizon 2020 program for 2022-2023. 

The guest lecturers introduced the students to the world of science, talked about the novelties of their research fields, commented on current news from the world of science and technology, explained their role in life, in our everyday life and in the development of humanity.

Within three months, researchers visited dozens of schools in Petrich, Dolna Mitropolia, Plovdiv, s. Satovcha, Gotse Delchev, Teteven, Sofia and others. They met with over 400 students between 5th and 12th grade.

During the inspiring meetings, the guest speakers awakened the children’s curiosity about various physical and chemical phenomena by organizing numerous workshops, presentations, lectures, meetings, quizzes, raffles and more. Among the lecture topics were water as an ecological energy source, glass, light and the colour spectrum, fossil plants as a source of knowledge about vegetation and climate millions of years ago, and their regeneration.

We want to thank the scientists who took part in the project, took roles of lecturers and introduced hundreds of children to the fascinating world of science! The meetings will continue and even more interesting ones will be organised in the coming months with, hopefully, future young scientists in schools across the country!

SEARCH guest speakers:

  • Prof. Veselin Petrov, Head of the Laboratory for Development and Characterization of Pharmaceutical Forms and “InSilico” Design of Sofia Tech Park;
  • Prof. Anelia Yancheva from the Agrobioinstitut Institute at the Agricultural Academy;
  • Assoc. Prof. Mariana Radkova from the Agrobioinstitut Institute at the Academy of Agriculture;
  • Metodi Pankov, researcher at the High Performance Computing Laboratory of Sofia Tech Park;
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Bozukov from the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research at BAS;
  • Asst. Prof. Silvia Sasheva Petkova from UASG;
  • Prof. Rumiana Dodova from the Center of Molecular Medicine at the Medical University-Sofia

Sofia Tech Park is a leading partner of the SEARCH: SCIENCE + ENVIRONMENT + ART = RESILIENCE Project. The SEARCH project is an ambitious effort that aims to help promote science, scientific activity and the profession of researcher among a wide audience, with a focus on adolescents. It aims to encourage more young Bulgarians to engage with career opportunities in research.