Sofia Tech Park and BNT present the series “Science for business”

27 February 2021

Sofia Tech Park in collaboration with Bulgarian National Television (BNT) presents the series “Science for business”. The initiative is aimed at popularizing science, Bulgarian scientists and their achievements in different fields. In the show, the leading researchers of the Laboratory complex in Sofia Tech Park will discuss the latest scientific discoveries from around the world and will talk about the developments and project that they work on. They will also comment scientific topics of the day.

In the first episode, the popular host of BNT Nadya Obretenova will introduce to you Assist. Prof. Dr. Boris Kirov, member of the team of BioInfoTech Lab in the science and technology park. Currently, he teaches in the Technical University of Sofia, he had studied and worked in various leading universities and laboratories in the field of bioengineering. During the interview, Dr. Kirov explained what actually the Bioinformatics is and its role in the human life. He presented an innovative research of the human microbiome on which the lab’s team works hard. The research will help the development of the personalized medicine and treatment of different kind of diseases. “The humans and his/hers functionality are a sum of his/hers genes that interacts with the microorganisms’ genes. The current pandemic is just an example. For sure there will be other new viruses, because the planet is highly populated and the viruses spread is hard to be controlled. This is why, if the human kind did not start to implement the science in every aspect of the life, we will not live very well.” Explained Dr. Kirov. According to him, it is hard to tell if the corona virus is artificially made. “This virus destroys, but in the same creates new opportunities for the human kind. The question is which ones we will choose – to isolate, to wear masks all the time or to accumulate knowledge and develop new technologies that will help us to continue to evolve instead of hiding.” said the scientist. In his opinion, the science faces many unknowns even about the human cell. “If we understand the cell, maybe we will understand the whole universe.” Commented Dr. Kirov, member of the BioInfoTech Lab in Sofia Tech Park.

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