Sofia Tech Park is the home of 4 new interest clubs

The new interest clubs, part of Club House, are in the fields of circular economy, more specifically electromobility, blockchain technology, venture investments in Bulgaria and innovations and technologies in South East Europe.

The electromobility club was created thanks to the joint efforts with Ride Share Bulgaria – the company behind the rideshare platform Spark. As a pioneer in the field, Spark takes the first step in order to establish an interest club that will touch on topics like electromobility, ridesharing, electrification of the car fleet in Bulgaria, ecologically clean transport, etc.

The second new club, with which we aim at stimulating the communication between the entrepreneurial community and the investors in Bulgaria, is the Venture investment club. The club is established in partnership with New Vision 3 Fund, that is part of Sofia Tech Park’s ecosystem. The club’s goal is to bring the startup companies closer to the real-life cases in the investment world. The first club meeting is available here and you can learn about the portfolios of the companies that the fund invests in. The Venture investment club is an inspiration for every startup company looking for funding, as well as for opportunities to widen their market. 

Another new club is the Club Blockchain. With the help of blockchain architectures, programmers and marketologists it will be possible to get to know better the world of blockchain technology. The club’s founder is Quanterall, a company that is also part of the park’s ecosystem. In the club’s episodes are going to be discussed different concepts, technological challenges, solutions and advantages related to the blockchain technologies. Also, guests and experts will be invited with the goal of sharing their expert knowledge on various topics. 

The fourth new club is Club Trending Topics. Trending Topics is the go-to place for news and interesting stories from South East Europe in regard to innovations and technologies. One of the club’s goals is to light the spark in the entrepreneurial community towards new opportunities and external markets, as well as to enhance the region’s investor potential through innovations and technologies.

We are in for very interesting season in autumn, when it is expected to start the monthly episodes of the new interest clubs. You can find more information about the program of Sofia Tech Park’s digital studio here.

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