13 December 2022

One of the main problems facing entrepreneurial people is the lack of experience and knowledge on how to organize their business, insufficient information on how to finance their venture, as well as skills to present their ideas, plan their business, form a successful team and commercialize and internationalize their products and services. Or, more broadly, how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Sofia Tech Park’s newest program “SEE Innovators Program” is aimed precisely at these active and entrepreneurial people who need support and guidance to develop their ideas or projects. The initiative is designed for researchers and people of science who want to commercialize their developments, as well as for inventors, entrepreneurs and in general people with ideas who want to start or further develop their entrepreneurial venture, to go to the next level.

Sofia Tech Park’s “SEE Innovators Program” for innovators includes elements of incubation, acceleration and technology transfer. Since 2016, the Park has supported more than 60 innovative companies that have developed their projects on the territory of the Science and Technology Park. The new program is already planning active work with people and organizations from across the country’s ecosystem, entrepreneurial and scientific community. It is free and hybrid, can take place on-site or online, and includes mentoring, advice, access to Sofia Tech Park’s high-tech labs, participation in events, investor outreach, and a virtual learning component from leading practitioners in the field from Bulgaria and the region. The application is permanently open and there is no time limit for working with each project.

Sofia Tech Park’s goal is for the program to boost R&D-based innovation by investing in building capacity in people and communities in particular technology and science areas, in developing technologies and companies, and in supporting the overall ecosystem in the country. Plans are for 280+ projects to be supported in the first 5 years of the program, 20%+ to attract funding, 50% to continue beyond the first 5 years, and 30%+ to use the Park’s labs. “The SEE Innovators Program will also contribute to expanding the network of the Sofia Tech Park community with more active professionals, partners and scientists who develop applied science.

ВAnyone interested in getting involved or finding out more can email and read more soon on the program website

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