Sofia Tech Park’s AI and CAD Systems Lab Develops a Drone For The Needs Of Agriculture

06 February 2023

How do drones combine with artificial intelligence and what is their role in everyday life?

Learn more about the growing possibilities and benefits of artificial intelligence in everyday life and business in the BG Science Podcast from Assoc. Radoslav Milchev, Head of the Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems Lab at Sofia Tech Park and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology at the Technical University of Sofia.

The Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems Laboratory is part of the Sofia Tech Park Research and Development Association and is one of the leading scientific units for excellence in the field of artificial intelligence research.

The lab’s research enables farmers to monitor their produce, to track the maturity of crops in terms of when will be the best time to harvest. Through the system, the laboratory team is also able to predict how much the crop will yield.

The Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems Laboratory, which is involved in various research activities, offers solutions for businesses. So far, the experts’ developments have attracted not only farmers but also interest from companies, the government and other organisations.

The laboratory collaborates on various projects with seven faculties of the Technical University – Sofia. Currently, over 70 students are involved in the projects, which will eventually continue to develop in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as in partnership with Bosch Engineering Center Sofia, which is also located on the territory of Sofia Tech Park.

Watch the podcast to learn about the work of Sofia Tech Park’s high-tech Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems Lab and the projects it is involved in:

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