The BDB’s Equity Investment Fund will invest in the high-tech company Barin Sports, part of Sofia Tech Park’s Incubator community

The BDB’s Equity Investment Fund will invest in the high-tech company Barin Sports, which develops its innovative products in Sofia Tech Park and is part of the Park’s Incubator community.

Barin Sports’ team develops software that tracks the performance and instant physical condition of professional teams and athletes. Unique to the market, the innovative product reports over 12 000 points per second in real time from each player. The development is also based on AI technology. After processing, the metrics help create successful tactics and strategy for the team. The system is part of the equipment of leading Bulgarian football teams. The mission of the creators is that the technology will allow athletes to reach their full potential and have longer careers.

The Capital Investment Fund (CIF) of the Bulgarian Development Bank Group will invest BGN 4 million in Barin Sports. The funding will help to develop new technologies and faster international expansion for the company.

Barin Sports currently works with six Professional Football League teams, three academies and the national men’s and under-21 football teams. Their clients are also foreign clubs from Poland, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal and North Macedonia. The company was founded in 2015 by Vladimir Grozdanov, CEO of Barin Sports.

The future development plans of the innovative company are focused on semi-professional and amateur organized sports, as well as on the development of products to increase the performance and life expectancy of the population through smart sensors and smart electronics embedded in a fabrics.

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