The Executive Director of Sofia Tech Park Todor Mladenov:The priority of our work is to develop the capacity of the laboratories of Sofia Tech Park

03 April 2019

The main priority of the management of Sofia Tech Park is to develop the capacity of the Laboratory complex. We take every opportunity to represent all the opportunities that these research and laboratory equipment provide to the business and we hope to attract the interest of the companies from the industry – declared Todor Mladenov – CEO of Sofia Tech Park during the first session of Bulgarian-British Science and Innovation Network Forum ( organized by British Council, the Biotech Atelier and Sofia Tech Park.


Mr. Mladenov emphasized that Science and Technology Park is currently working to encourage the development and to motivate the research-oriented young business teams. He pointed out that all businesses are welcome in Sofia Tech Park to develop their innovative and business ideas.

Mr. Mladenov highlighted the advantages of the laboratories – a unique scientific infrastructure, brilliant expertise from Bulgarian researchers working in the field of innovative business projects.

“Sofia Tech Park is a young organization – we officially opened our doors in December 2015, but we hope to follow the steps towards together creating synergy between the science and the business that will work for everyone,” Mr. Mladenov said. The importance of biotechnology in the modern economy has been appreciated since the establishment of STP. Currently four high-tech laboratories are working in this field – “Bioinfotech” Lab, “Pharmaceutical development and characterization with “In Silico” Design” Lab, “In Vitro” Laboratory for evaluation of biological activity and toxicity, Laboratory for “Extraction of natural products and synthesis of bioactive compounds”

Scientists from the laboratories also participated in the Forum where they presented opportunities for project development and research in various areas of the economy. The participants of the Forum visited the Sofia Tech Park laboratories.

The main purpose of the event was to create sustainable business network and to encourage the successful collaboration between UK and Bulgaria in the field of biotechnology. The event demonstrated British innovations in life sciences through the participation of representatives from SAP Health, various companies from Cambridge University and Dublin College. The seminar was a good opportunity to present SIN-Bulgaria. During the Forum it was represented the Bulgarian project for establishing a Center for Competence for Fundamental Translating and Clinical Investigations on Infections and Immunity for which Bulgaria is searching partnership.

Representatives of Sofia Invest Agency and BCCI also took part at the Forum. The program of the event showed two examples of good practices from the partnership between UK and Bulgaria: the Medical Center Synexus, which was launched in 2016 by HMA Emma Hopkins and the collaboration with BBBA. The UK has one of the world’s strongest and most vibrant health and science industries, which maintains 240,000 jobs and generates around £ 70 billion a year. During the meeting was set the fundamentals for future cooperation in the development of medicines, services and software in biotechnology.

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