Todor Mladenov, the CEO at Sofia Tech Park, in an interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria: Despite the crisis, five new companies became a part of the park

10 January 2021

Despite all the challenges and difficulties that the business faced in 2020 in the country and in the world as a whole, in the last few months we were able to attract five new companies that became members of our community. That was said by the Todor Mladenov, the Chief Executive Officer at Sofia Tech Park, in the Blomberg TV Bulgaria’s TV show “Business start” hosted by Hristo Nikolov. The new partners of the science and technology park work in the fields of FinTech, food industry and information technology. Mladenov pointed out that despite the crisis, the park had a relatively stable year and the work on the main projects goes according the initial plans.

Answering a question about the future of the 5G networks in Bulgaria, the CEO emphasized that, based on the available information, the development of all new technologies and industries, such as bioinformatics, genomics, automotive industry and smart cities, will not be possible without introducing new generation of mobile communication. He explained that the park’s teams continue working on a creation of 5G laboratory. “Our goal is to create a mini platform, based on this technology, that will be used for testing new applications and software development. At the moment, we are in the process of creating a software to handle these activities. That will allow us to prepare forecasts, requested by Bulgarian companies, and to present the behaviour of these elements in a new environment.”

The Chief Executive Officer also talked about the implementation of the project for the EuroHPC supercomputer. “We are in the process of constructing the specialized building where the high-performance computing machine and all needed service systems will be located. This stage will finish by the end of March and after that Atos, the chosen company for the delivery of the machine, will construct the configuration. The delivery and installation of the supercomputer will start at the end of April. It is expected that the process of testing and training will take about two months.”

You can check out the whole conversation here.

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