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Discoverer is a Petascale supercomputer capable of executing more than 4,2 Petaflops Rmax and over 6 petaFLOPS  Rpeak

PetaSC Bulgaria is a legal consortium combining the knowledge of our organizations and more than 15 years of experience in applied science.  Founders of the organization are Sofia Tech Park, National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the Strategic Center for Artificial Intelligence.

Our experience is concluding the operations of 2 supercomputers (IBM Blue Gene/P and HP HPC cluster. We also have been participating in 6 PRACE programs by delivering more than 13 projects in cooperation with our partners from PRACE.

Our main objective is to foster better science for industrial applicability and facilitate the development of the next level European economy.

Architecture and Parameters:

  • The size of the system is combining 12 computing Direct Liquid Cooling BullSequana racks
  • The platform is built on AMD EPYC processors with hot water cooling and its representing 376 computing nodes
  • The number of cores is 144,384 where size of the RAM reaches 300TB
  • 2 PB of fast disk storage DDN space is guaranteeing optimal operability for store procedures
  • The entire system is backed up against a power failure by an uninterruptible power supply with an output of 1 MW
  • The whole complex weighs over 30 tons.

The Applicability areas are based on Our past experience:

  • Novel Molecule Drug Discovery & Polypharmacy Drug Side Effects
  • Protein Folding Predictions
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Resolution of Graph and Optimization Problems
  • Quantum Computing

Sample codes/applications

Discoverer will have over 30 applications and code, including:

  • ALYA
  • Code Saturne
  • CP2K
  • Quantum Espresso
  • NAMD
  • OpenFOAM

Current status of installation

  • February 2021 – DC accomplished and ready for operations
  • March 2021 – Transportation and Physical delivery of the Supercomputer in Sofia
  • (April 2021) – Cabling, SW stack installation and initial stagging are planed for April
  • (May 2021) – Main Stagging, stability test and Top500 benchmark in May
  • (June 2021) – Finally we expect Acceptance testing, training and handover in June 2021
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Monday-Friday: 09:00 – 17:30
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