R&D&I Consortium

Reasearch and Development and Innovation Consortium

What is R&D&I Consortium?

R&D&I Consortium is a non-profit legal entity operating for public benefit established under the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act.

The R&D&I Consortium is a science and research organization as stipulated in Chapter 1.3. Definitions, p. 15, b. (vv) from the Frame for state aid for scientific research, development and innovations (2014/C 198/01).

The Consortium is a scientific organization, whose main goal is to manage and develop the Laboratory Complex (11 high-tech laboratories) and the Innovation Forum “John Atanasoff“ in the science and technology park Sofia Tech Park. The executive director of the R&D&I Consortium Sofia is professor Marin Hristov.

Main Goals
  • To conduct independent scientific research and to disseminate publicly the results of these activities through teaching, publications and knowledge transfer.
  • Technological development.
  • To promote the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of businesses and knowledge-based institutions.
  • To assist the creation of efficient working environment for research and innovations. Develop strategies to support research development.
  • Participation in initiatives that ensure the dissemination of the results of research and experimentation.
  • To communicate with local and international research organizations.
  • To organize and participate in national and international conferences, seminars, meetings, workshops, etc. Throughout the organized events, the latest research results and current scientific activities will be presented. That will provide for stimulating research and dissemination of results, for creation of a genuine network of communication and exchange between scientists, researchers and different stakeholders of producers and users in the outlined sectors for research.
Management Board