Available offices

Currently Sofia Tech Park announces three available office spaces in the Incubator. The selection process is part of procedure of selection by application and presentation to an expert commission involving well established representatives of the innovation community, experts from venture capital funds, financiers, entrepreneurs as well as representatives of the Research and Development Consortium of Sofia Tech Park.

To the following available office spaces are included 15% common area:

  1. First floor, with 55,32 square meters;
  2. First floor, with 45,31 square meters;
  3. Second floor, with 45,54 square meters

All the applications must be submitted in accordance with the terms and conditions in the Applicant’s Guide. For more information of the application process, please visit the following: link .


Type of company
price for office area per square meter
 price for service charge per square meter
start-up  4.00 2.00
mature company  8.00 2.00