Interactive TechnoMagicLand opens doors in Sofia Tech Park to spark the flash of discovery

21 June 2018

Interactive TechnoMagicLand opens doors in Sofia Tech Park to spark the flash of discovery
What is the feeling of being stuck in a giant soap bubble? How can water flow up? How do computer programs compress texts?

On June 23 Tech TechMagicLand – an interactive technology center for children and teenagers in Sofia Tech Park opens doors where students, teachers and parents will have the opportunity to get to know science and technology closely and to answer these and many more questions.

Unlike traditional museums, TechnoMagicLand is committed to the two most modern approaches in contemporary education – learning by doing and learning by fun. At over 1300 sq.m. about 40 interactive and cognitive experiments in the field of natural sciences, mathematics and information technologies – the so-called STEM areas that prepare today’s children for the professions of the future. Although it is suitable for adults, TechnoMagicLand is an area for the children – through their own efforts, they will unravel the mysteries of physics, mathematics, chemistry, computers and artificial intelligence, will acquire new knowledge and see how science works in practice.

TechnoMagicLand is a project of one of the established Bulgarian software companies TechnoLogica and is implemented in partnership with Sofia Tech Park AD. TechnoLogica’s investment for the experiments so far exceeds 750 thousand leva. The articles of association of the joint venture are to reinvest their profits, if any, and each year 30% of the exhibits will be replaced.

Particularly popular among the first guests of the park – children and students aged 7 to 14+ years, experiments with giant soap bubbles, virtual reality and the only area in Sofia with curved mirrors proved. The emphasis in TechnoMagicLand, however, is the exhibits that give visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with basic natural laws such as friction, magnetism, color mixing, optical illusions, etc., as well as technological advances in recent years through 3D scanning and printing, programming of robots and artificial intelligence, digitalisation of sound, assembling of a computer. The center is a free selfie area so that representatives of the digital generation feel at home and share the emotion with their friends.

“We looked for the balance between this TechnoMagicLand to be attractive and to be the embodiment of the ambition of each of us to experiment and get to know. And to distinguish ourselves from existing technology centers around the world, we have set up our own system that monitors which visitor the experiment is and adds a racing element to the visit, “says TechnoLogica founder Ognian Trayanov, who is also the author of the TechnoMagicLand .

Sofia Tech Park is an area for the development of the start-up business, for the development of new scientific achievements and for the synergy between these two factors in our innovative ecosystem, but it is already becoming a place where future scholars and young entrepreneurs will learn through entertaining interesting experiments. The creation of TechnoMagicLand is part of the activities for the implementation of the second phase of the Science and Technology Park project and we are glad to implement it in partnership with TechnoLogica. We hope to join more adherents who would like to contribute to the cause of TechnoMagicLand and its development, “said Todor Mladenov, Executive Director of Sofia Tech Park.

The movement and activation of the exhibits at TechnoMagicLand takes place through special bracelets, which after the visit can be purchased by the visitors. As the number of curious points increases, each of them can climb to a higher level – Finder, Finder, or Magician.

The center will work from 10 am to 7 pm every day of the week without Monday. Ticket prices are 4 leva for children up to 14 years old and 7 leva for each over this age. Group visits are also provided with school class visits even more accessible.

The TechnoMagicLand team hopes that it will contribute to the revival and upgrading of Bulgarian educational traditions linked to the availability of well-equipped laboratories and the possibility of extra-curricular activities and training.

The demonstration hall and the laboratories of the center make it an attractive place for group visits and excursions to pupils from all over the country. The TechnoMagicLand Laboratory has specialized chemistry, physics and robotics equipment.

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