Self-learning machine and game console projects won the Hack 30xTUES awards in Sofia Tech Park

19 March 2018

Self-learning machine and game console projects won the Hack 30xTUES awards in Sofia Tech Park
AD. Non-neural network and machine self-learning text summary application won the grand prize of the student hacker at the Electronic Systems Technology School (TUES) at the Technical University of Sofia. It was developed by Telerik Arsov, Ivona Mircheva, Vladislav Georgiev, Martin Dacev and Peter Milev, students from the 11B class. Their team, COCOBE, also took the TelebidPro special prize with an opportunity for internship and mentoring.

The fourth edition of the Hack 30xTUES three-day race was attended by 45 teams with students from the 8th to the 12th grade of the school. It was held in the Laboratory Complex of Sofia Tech Park. The Science and Technology Park is a partner of the initiative.

Students created software and hardware projects on topics related to the 30th anniversary of their school.

A machine-based self-study project won the second place in the Hackathon – a chat-theme for a historical theme, which offers a summary of texts on a topic to the interests of the users. It was developed by the 9th graders in TUES by team Old and Bald – Georgi Lyubenov, Victor Velev, Anton Yanchev and Samuil Georgiev.

The third prize was for a gaming console project, which was demonstrated to the jury by IDK team – Mihail Kirilov, Petar Nikolov, Dennis Barzanov, Tony Pelovski, Stefan Stefanov.

The students presented projects of educational games related to history and the past, new versions of classic electronic games, learning platforms with various functionalities, company-to-student apps for apprentices recruitment, word-processing applications and tools, virtual tour platforms, as well as various fun games related to the theme of the past and the future.

Eight teams received special prizes for their projects. Team Mamutite222 – Georgi Stefanov, Samuil Ivanov, Vladislav Milenkov, Stefan Galabov from the 10th grade – were awarded by the SAP development center in Sofia for their game project inspired by the Battle of Dunkirk.

Teodor Stanishev of the Fluffy Bears team received a personal award from ScaleFocus. The 8th graders of Autardia – Christian Stoimenov, Stella Kasabova, Violeta Kabadjova, Stephanie Staykova, Stefan Bosev – received the award of the Software University. Nemetschek Bulgaria awarded the 12th grade students of team Ime – Nikolay Stanishev, Ivan Milev and Ivo Todorov – for their systematic approach in their game play at the terminal. Team Why Not – Kristian Stoimenov, Kaloyan Angelov, Victoria Radkova, Slav Kirilov and Christian Genchev – received a Statsoft award for a project with built-in microcomputer systems. The project for the text editor of Project Hogwarts – Alexander Stoichkov, Ivan Dimitrov, Christian Yochev, Georgi Korkakov and Victor Petrov – was awarded by Cloud Balkan. The award was also received by the Programming Zygotes team – Milen Iliev, Mihail Kolev, Antonio Takev, Valery Dobrev and Nikolay Yonchev – for their project as an editor based on photo. The eighth graders from Tunder System – Martin Weyer, Boyan Ivanov, Martin Vrachev, Martin Damianov, Petar Damianov – received a prize from Live to Lift.

Representatives of partner companies, IT professionals who graduated from TUES and lecturers from the school participated in the jury.

About half of the current students attended the competition. Over 40 IT professionals such as mentors – representatives of partner companies, experts who graduated from the school years ago and lecturers – helped. The event was organized by a team of about 30 students, volunteers and representatives of the Association of Graduates.

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