Sofia Tech Park had a discussions of the future development of the Science and Technology Park

06 December 2019

Sofia Tech Park organized public discussions on the future development of the Science and Technology Park project in its next Phase of funding from the Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness” of the European Commission. Phase 2 of the project is currently underway and will be completed by the end of 2019 and the STP JSC is actively preparing a plan with activities to be implemented over the next three years, between 2020-2023.

The management of the Science and Technology Park initiated meetings with the various stakeholders that are part of the innovative ecosystem of the country, with participants of the public and private institutions, non-governmental organizations, business, the academic community and others, where the vision of the team of Sofia Tech Park for the future development was presented. The purpose of the initiative was to discuss and further develop the concept with the opinions, comments and suggestions of the participants in the discussions.
The discussions were held from November 25 to December 3 in Smart Classroom of Sofia Tech Park, where representatives of business, cluster and industry organizations with focus areas – ICT, Life Sciences and Green Energy, experts from the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Education and Science, representatives of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, lecturers from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski “, representatives from the work group “Industry 4.0“ of the Ministry of Economy, took part in the discussions. Many valuable guidance and recommendations were received from start-ups that were part of the Incubator Season 1 and are working actively with the laboratories of Sofia Tech Park. An active constructive recommendation was made for greater business involvement in the development of the laboratories and their commercialization.

During the discussions the team of Sofia Tech Park highlighted the following proposals:

– setting up a laboratory for the food –tech industry
– Establishment of a technology transfer office focusing on intellectual property and in close relationship with similar structures at different universities
– supporting innovators in patent preparation
– paying more attention to the creative and recreational industries
– enhancing human resource capacity through various funds and programs

– support for SMEs through voucher systems for services: marketing, accounting, legal, assistance in applying for projects and programs
– Expanding office buildings as this necessity meets business
– involvement and support of companies with potential to develop activities in the Aerospace sector
– positioning of Sofia Tech Park in the TRL system
– building an ecosystem for the creation of applied science
– hub positioning for strategic partner transactions and more
Most of the suggestions and issues discussed are based on the initial vision of the Sofia Tech Park team for Phase 3 of the project. The concept documentation is to be formulated and further developed in the context of the proposals submitted during the public hearings, coordinated with the Managing Authority of the Innovation and Competitiveness Program and submitted to the European Commission.
The management of Sofia Tech Park plans to expand the park’s infrastructure capacity by upgrading it with new laboratories and office space that business and industry need, to create a makerspace, as well as a technology transfer office, to organize and implement investment measures in support the development of human potential, support the linkage between business and science through the creation of commercial activity, both in laboratories and in partnership with educational institutions.
If you have other ideas and suggestions for the concept, do not hesitate to contact the Sofia Tech Park team.

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