Sofia Tech Park will be part of the European Researchers’ Night once again

30 August 2019

The Science exhibition will welcome lovers of knowledge at the Innovation Forum “John Atanasoff”

For the fourth consecutive year Sofia Tech Park joins the European Scientists’ Night where the doors will be opened to the science and knowledge fans on the evening of September 27th at 5.30pm.

Especially for the occasion, Sofia Tech Park is organizing a scientific exhibition where representatives of the laboratories in the park will present their activities and will delight the visitors with interesting demonstrations, experiments, lectures and games. The center of the event will be the “John Atanasoff” Innovation Forum.

Scientist from the laboratories of the Sofia Tech Park will present interesting science facts from their working area, will demonstrate curious experiments together with many different fun activities. Their scientific corners will have the scientific units-Biopharma Complex, Laboratory for High Performance Computing, Laboratory of Virtual and Augmented Reality, Laboratory of Bioinformatics – Bioinfotech, Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems.

Along with the laboratories, their stands, lectures and demonstrations will also have the Sofia Tech Park partners: SAT 1 initiative, DNA (Children’s Science Class), Drone Arena,, TUEEC and others.

Within the European Scientists’ Night 2019, you can visit the series of specialized presentations of scientists from the laboratories of Sofia Tech Park:


Development of new effective antituberculosis compounds by transformation of natural products

Presentation of In vitro Laboratory for Assessment of Biological Activity and Toxicity – Assoc. Dr. Violeta Valcheva.


From 4G to 5G mobile communications. Will there be 6G?

Presentation of the Intelligent Communication Infrastructure Laboratory – Prof. Vladimir Pulkov.


Developing VR and AR applications or how education can be fun

Presentation of the Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory – Ralitsa Stancheva and Mihail Zlachev.


Micro- and nanoelectronics – Looking forward

Presentation of MINOlab – Prof. Georgi Angelov.


Learn how to use supercomputer to extract intelligent gold data

Presentation of Laboratory for High Performance Computing – Prof. Anna Proykova.


Validation of prototypes

Presentation of 3D Creativity Lab and rapid prototyping of new products – Assoc. Dr. Yavor Sofronov.


Introduction and application of artificial intelligence apparatus and neural networks

Presentation of the Laboratory “Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems” – Assoc. Prof. Georgi Tsenov.


Green technologies for development of blue economy

Presentation of the Laboratory for bioinformatics “Bioinfotech”- ch. Assistant D-r Boris Kirov.

The interactive center for science and technologies “TechnoMagicLand” in Sofia Tech Park with the assistance of its scientists and experts will present in front of the visitors what scientific facts are behind the phenomena occurring in the fall, will seek to answer the question of why the color of the leaves changes and what is happening in the human and animal organisms this season.

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