The second meeting of the Anonymous Innovators Club

02 October 2019

The second meeting of the Anonymous Innovators Club was held in Sofia Tech Park and brought together startups, innovators, scientists, technology enthusiasts and fans of heated discussions.

Leading motivational speaker was the financier and economist Vladimir Karolev. He told interesting facts from his own experience in starting a business, about the difficulties he encountered and the time and effort it took to make his company successful.

Karolev also made an analysis of the main factors for creating and developing a company in terms of rationality and irrational thinking. “Failure is also a success because we learn from our mistakes and the experience that we gain even with our failures,” commented the financier and advised startups not to expect quick results and not to think that a successful business idea is always related to a brilliant innovative idea.

Sometimes even simple things in the future lead to the creation of a successful product on the market,” Karolev commented. He recommended to the company managers to be less confident and more realistic in business endeavors, because in most cases, expectations fall short of the actual performance achieved.

Dimitar Ivanov, part of the team of American startup Diasyst has introduced the results of the company achieved so far. The company is developing and already marketing an app that enables patients with diabetes to more easily, systematically and quickly monitor their blood counts and consult with their doctor.

The app is already used by nearly 5,000 patients and about 200 physicians in the United States. The ambitions of the startup are to adapt the app and launch it in Europe by the end of the year. Ivanov explained that the pilot project of the application will be launched in Bulgaria with the support of Bulgarian investors by the end of November.

The meeting continued with informal talks as well as consultations by Sofia Tech Park experts.

The next meeting of the club will be held in early November.

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