The Sofia Tech Expert Committee will select tenants in the Incubator building

23 April 2019

The Sofia Tech Expert Committee, consisting of representatives of the innovative ecosystem and professionals in the field of entrepreneurship finance, venture capital and scientific circles, will select candidates for tenants in the Incubator building. The jury will choose from start-ups with innovative business ideas after a hearing, which will take place on April 24th at 2:00 pm in the Smart Class Room, Incubator Building Science and Technology Park.

The expert jury includes:

Konstantin Petrov, general partner, representative of the Neveq Fund
Evlogi Georgiev – Sciant developer and manager – one of the fast-growing successful start-up company in the ecosystem and part of Season 1 of the Inc Technique of Sofia Tech Park.
Momchil Vassilev, Managing Director, Endeavor Bulgaria
Metodi Terziev, Chief Operating Officer of the shared space Betahaus
Representatives of the scientific team to the Research and Development Association of Sofia Tech Park

At present, Sofia Tech Park has three free office premises in the “Incubator” building, with a total area of ​​nearly 150 square meters, designed for startups, developing innovations in some of the focal areas of the science and technology park – information and telecommunication technologies, life sciences and clean energy. Companies will be able to develop their products, services and / or prototypes together with the expertise of the Labs Complex and the technological equipment provided by each of the high-tech research units of the Park. At the disposal of the companies there will be a network of Sofia Tech Park, which gives access to various funds and sources of risky financing as well as a number of events from the calendar of the Science and Technology Park.

The rental price per square meter is 4 euros excluding VAT. A maintenance and handling fee of EUR 2.00 per square meter of office space is payable for maintenance of the common areas.

Available common spaces, training venues, events and meetings, free wi-fi connection, conference halls and shared kitchens will be available for selected companies. The Incubator has storage rooms, a Sports Center equipped with a gym, a yoga hall, tennis courts and a football field and extensive greenery in the park area.

The main requirements for applying startup companies are:

– To be registered in Bulgaria (a trader within the meaning of the Commerce Act) no later than 3 years before submitting a letter of intent to Sofia Tech Park AD.

– The enterprise should be innovative and fall into one of the focal areas of the park: information and communication technologies; life sciences that include biotechnology, pharmacy, food and agriculture; green energy and clean technology.

– At least 30% of the business of the applicant company is related to research and / or development to create and market new products, processes or services.

– At least 30% of the enterprise’s staff is engaged in research and development.

– At the time of application, the enterprise should fall under the category for small and medium enterprises according to Art. 3 of the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Act (SMA)


* The documents of all applicants are protected in the sense of the PDPA and EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data.

Sofia Tech Park has the ambition to expand and deepen its relationship with the business and other participants in the innovation ecosystem of the country, and through this partnership to accelerate the fulfillment of its main goals for improvement and development of the innovation, technological and scientific potential.

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