The Strategic AI Centre’s executive director George Robev in the TV show “More from the Day” by BNT: We will construct a training center for experts that will work with the supercomputer

08 January 2021

“In collaboration with experts and partners, we will construct a training center with the goal of providing researchers with appropriate education and training so that they be able to work with supercomputers.” that was said by the Strategic AI Centre’s executive director George Robev in the BNT’s TV show “More from the Day”. He explained that in the center will be trained experts with various profiles in order to be able to translate the fundamental science. “The ecosystem is open and the “Petascale Supercomputer – Bulgaria” Consortium, implementing the project, is also open for new partners. It is still being discussed what exactly the procedure for access to the supercomputer will be, but it is sure that the Bulgarian scientists will have priority and free access to the machine.” pointed out Robev. He explained that the machine’s maximal performance is of 6,6 petabytes, that is, 10 with 17 zeros per second. The main goals and tasks of the supercomputer will be to transfer the fundamental science in the industry. “One of the key components of the digital computers are precisely the supercomputers that can be used in the medicine, energy sector, industry, production cycle and every other sector. We are aiming at carrying out European projects, involving more industrial partners in Bulgaria, increasing the competitive power of the production sector, attracting investments.” emphasized Robev. His forecast is that the human factor will not be left out because of the AI – it will improve and refine the work of machines. “Technology will change the workforce market, there will be a need of new knowledge and capabilities.” said Robev.

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