Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems

About the Laboratory

The laboratory aims in collaboration with research organizations and industrial clusters, to become a leading center that facilitates the access to specialized software and CAD systems and contributes to the development and maintenance of highly qualified specialists in the field of artificial intelligence.


Current Activities
  • Developing a suitable simulator of human brain activity, as well as the relevant information and computer technologies that promote and guarantee its activity.
  • Scientific research and developments in the areas of intelligent systems for medical applications, algorithms for controlling robots and drones, intelligent systems for early warning of natural disasters and intelligent systems for the recognition and certification of materials and products.
  • Use of CAD systems in the field of microelectronics, telecommunications and intelligent transportation; design and modelling of new devices, systems and technologies, as well as design and modelling of sea vessels.
  • Computer design of complex systems for industry, business, etc.
  • Development of a software system for Neuromarketing research. EEG study on the impact of advertising videos of different Bulgarian companies. Investigation of the difference in EEG activity of passengers in electric and internal combustion vehicles for neuromarketing purposes.
  • EEG study of different groups of people before and after art therapy. Research sessions by various specialists. Determining the effect of different sessions led by different professionals on the groups of people studied. Determining the impact of different types of art therapy according to its leading specialists.
  • Performing research activities in the field of “Artificial intelligence in smart grids”. Data selection and validation to solve various business problems. Design appropriate Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions enabling real-time data collection and analysis.
  • Development of an expert system with artificial intelligence for automated diagnosis of diseases based on imaging diagnostics. Development of a module for text from image recognition. Development of an image processing module. Training and setup of an expert system module with deep neural networks.

Services and Equipment

  • Training and setup of expert Services module with measuring brain activity of a group of people with an average level of quality of measured signals for mass experiments, tests or in sleep problems or other diseases system with deep neural networks. The team can perform single tests with higher measurement precision on single test objects.
  • Drones services operated by the lab team with the ability to team operate the drones.
  • Services involving the measurement of electrical quantities, radio frequency spectrum and the transmission of measured information in electronic form.
  • Services related to training and visualization in virtual and augmented reality environments.
  • Services related to the measurement of electromyographic signals of muscle activity, interpretation and recognition of the signals and recording in electronic form.
  • Robotics courses for children with available Lego Mindstorms kits for entry level robotics.
  • Robot management services for events such as cinema and theatre productions, shows, performances and birthday parties.
  • Provide consultancy services on various projects related to the thematic areas of research of the laboratory and staff.
  • Participation in projects using the available facilities.
  • EEG equipment rental: Rental to third parties of low-end movable EEG headsets equipment of type EMOTIV EEG+, from which 10 are available, with the possibility of conducting mass experiments or observations of brain activities for a group of people or single study for one object with 14 channel recording.
  • Rental of professional EEG equipment machine, a medical grade equipment with very high density electroencephalograph with 128 Nuevo EEG electrodes with Synamps 2 amplifiers.
  • Rental of drones (with our pilot). Rental of high-class drones model Turbo Ace Matrix equipped with hardware for high quality video recording, first-person view and possibility for long stays in the air and small loads, with the possibility of adding additional hardware or necessary sensors (we have the possibility to add sensors provided by the customer).
  • Rental Walkera QRX350 medium-class drones, equipped for video recording and possibly adding a set of sensors.
  • Rental of measurement and instrumentation equipment and provision of measurement services with available radio frequency analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, frequency analyzers and multimeters with the possibility of memorizing information in PC. Compact equipment from Siglent, Rigol and Spectran.
  • Rental of virtual reality equipment from the universal type model VR2200 equipped with touch gloves with resistive sensors for each individual finger movement measurement.
  • Rental of Epson Moverio model augmented reality equipment with stereo image transmission capability in an Android OS work environment.
  • Electromiographic equipment (EMG) rental for a group of people with Thalmic Mio EMG bracelets or for single user measurements with professional medical equipment (multi – channel recording) of type BTS Free MG 300.
  • Rental of computers with specialized software per hour – Solidworks, Altium Design, MATLAB.
  • Rental of robots and equipment (EEG, EMG) for events or for cinema and theatre productions, shows, performances and birthday parties – the two AldebaranNao humanoid robots, two wheeled platforms with the ability to remotely control and transmit messages Robot Sputnik.
  • Conducting courses on Solidworks, Altium Designer and MATLAB software products.
  • Rental of computer resources for specialized CPU intensive project calculations.
  • Electroencephalographic cap with at least 120 electrodes, with included electrodes – Quik-Cap 128
  • Electroencephalographic cap with at least 60 electrodes, with included electrodes – Quik-Cap 64
  • Electroencephalographic cap with at least 30 electrodes, with included electrodes – Quik-Cap 40
  • Wireless electroencephalographic cap with at least 10 electrodes, with included electrodes and amplifier – Emotive EPOC EEG
  • Complete EEG monitoring system with signal receiver and amplifier, recording and visualization of information with at least 128 input channels – EEG System SynAmps2
  • Humanoid Robot – NAO Evolution Humanoid Robot
  • Robots such as Wheeled mobile platforms – Dr. Robot Sputnik
  • Robot type manipulator – Adept Cobra s350
  • Radio-controlled quadcopter (4-fin drone), modular with the possibility of reprogramming and easy replacement of hardware modules – QR X350PRO iLook
  • Radio-controlled quadcopter (4-fin drone), modular model with the possibility of reprogramming and easy replacement of hardware modules – Turbo Ace MATRIX-i
  • Electronic bracelet for human hand, used to intercept hand gestures with electromyography – Thalmic Myo
  • Professional infrared camera – AXIS Q1765-LE 4
  • Sensor glove – DG5 VHand data glove
  • Virtual Reality Kit – VR2200 head mounted display (KOSS UR-18)
  • Augmented reality display/viewer for attachment to a human head – Epson Moverio BT-200
  • TV – LG 70LB650V 70″ 3D-Ready HDTV
  • Motion Detection Camera / Sensor – Kinectsensor V2
    Equipment for recording electromyographic signals from human muscle activity in PC – Zero Wire EMG (BTS Free MG 300)
  • Neural network chip – CogniMem CM1K
  • Programmable logic array (FPGA) – Raspberry Pi
  • Miniature robot – LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV
  • Portable radio frequency analyzer with the ability to transmit data to a personal computer – SPECTRAN HF-2025E V3
  • Stationary radio frequency analyzer with the ability to transmit data to a personal computer – DSA875 RigolDSA8C174100038
  • USB-controlled radio frequency analyzer – SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4
  • Multifunctional robot – Baxter robot
  • Digital oscilloscope with multimeter, with the ability to store information in a PC and provide frequency analysis of input signals – InfiniVision 6000
  • BNC conductors
  • Functional signal generator – Rigol DG5251
  • Siglent digital oscilloscope – SDS1102CML
  • Siglent digital oscilloscope – SDS1072CML
  • Oscilloscope probes set / 1: 1 to 10: 1 /, 200MHz
  • Probes to Digital Oscilloscope (150 MHz)
  • Digital multimeter – Keysight U1231
  • Multimeter with ampere clamps – Gwinstek GCM-403
  • Digital multimeter with USB interface with high precision – Mertel-MD 9060
  • Tachometer – DT2234A
  • Thermometer for remote measurements – model JWT JT-1250
  • Thermometer – laboratory, 0-100 degrees C, alcohol
  • Autotransformers – TDGC2-3KN
  • Power supply – laboratory class – model RIGOL DP811A
  • Power supply – Gwinstek SPD-3606

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