Virtual & Augmented Reality

About the Laboratory

The aim of the laboratory is to develop and apply virtual and augmented reality and the related innovative technologies, work methods, tools and equipment in various fields of industry, science, education and social life in Bulgaria and other EU countries.


Current Activities
  • Training, research and correction three-dimensional models of products and equipment in true to scale immersive environment using natural interaction techniques for visual verification of the structure and properties of objects and integration of tactile feedback and sound effects for the purposes of rapid development of systems and support in decision-making.
  • Development and practical application of methods for collaboration and integration of systems for virtual reality in the overall life-cycle management of the product directly into virtual reality systems and implementation of an effective information exchange between CAD software and systems for virtual and augmented reality.
  • Development and practical application of methods for virtual prototyping based on the collaboration of software for engineering analysis and simulation systems for virtual and augmented reality.
  • Development and practical application of the methods for virtual video conferencing services and virtual product presentation.
  • Using an artificially created multimodal virtual learning environment (arena) with different levels of immersion along with the development of relevant scenarios and narratives.
  • Multi-modal presentation, exploration and extraction of information from big data mining, 3D screenings of presentations, videos and simulations.
  • Development and practical implementation of virtual videoconferencing and virtual product presentation methods.

Services and Equipment

  • Full development of interactive applications for virtual and augmented reality systems
    • Program interaction with systems through specialized devices, gestures and voice commands, create desktop and mobile applications for stereoscopic and interactive visualization
    • content development
    • training
    • support
  • Design and build virtual and augmented reality systems with affordable architecture
    • consulting
    • setup
    • training
    • support
  • Specialized consulting for external clients to build virtual and augmented reality systems and to program desktop and mobile applications.
  • Education and training for content development and publishing for virtual and augmented reality systems.
  • Immersive power-wall system
    • Passive stereoscopic visualization
    • Flexible wing
    • Optical tracking system – head-tracking, finger-tracking, flystick
    • Managed by a computer cluster and a media server
    • Size 280х210 (fixed screen) + 140х210 (flexible wing)
  • Interactive stereoscopic display Z-Space
  • Variety of virtual reality headsets (HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Acer Mixed Reality, etc.)
  • Stereoscopic camera ZED Mini
  • Diversity of interaction devices (Myo bracelet, MS Kinect v2, force-feedback, etc.)
  • Hardware equipment (computers, monitors, network devices, projectors, cameras, video cameras), specialized software

Scientific Publications

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Dimo Chotrov, PhD

Technical University – Sofia
Head of the laboratory

Scientific Areas:

Virtual and Augmented Reality, Human-Machine Interaction, Software Engineering


PhD in the field of virtual application integration reality (VR) and computer-aided design (CAD).

Teaches courses in Programming, Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality at the Technical University of Sofia.

Participant in numerous international and national research and applied projects.