15 companies enter the first edition of the Export Hub Bulgaria’s training program EXPO1

29 December 2020

On 11 January 2021, Export Hub Bulgaria kicked off the first edition of its training program EXPO1, which will help 15 Bulgarian companies, through theoretical and practical sessions, to develop their export potential and to find new markets.

Every company will have the opportunity to make use of the lectures of one of the most known Bulgarian managers and representatives of the academic community, as well as experienced mentors in the exporting activities that will guide them through the process of internationalization.

The practical part of the program will consist of workshops and will include discussions of real-life cases, with which the enterprises are faced in their da-to-day activity, and techniques that will help them improve their working process. Apart from the training sessions, the business representatives will be able to participate in a series of international events with the goal of establishing contact and entering into partnerships.

The lectures will cover the topics of product, packaging, public image, digital marketing, finances, transport and logistics, funding of foreign trade transactions, export insurance, presentation skills, PR and social networks, culture and communication in the work with clients, developing human resources and strategy in time of crisis.

The companies are:

Cardinal Bites Ltd.

Sector: Food industry

Cardinal Bites is a company that produce and trade in protein products with distinctive taste and no added sugar that help maintaining optimal form. The company was launched in May 2020 as a pioneer in the field of protein candy. Their first taste – rose and mahlab can be found in two options: – with plant-based (suitable for vegans) and dairy protein.

BioStyle Ltd.

Sector: Food industry

BioStyle Ltd. is a company founded by Evgeniya and Dimitar Stamenov in 2012 as a small workshop for producing healthy alternatives to everyday snacks and sweets that are accessible to everyone. In 2017, during the annual edition of NOPE (Natural & Organic Products Europe) in London, the company won an award for the best new product for its Goody bites. The same year the company constructed its production base in Brestovitsa. As of 2020, the factory in Brestovitsa has a IFS certificate, covering the highest international quality standards. BioStyle works with clients from Belgium, Germany, Greece, England, Austria, Romania and Australia.

Entegra Ltd.

Sector: Information and communication technology

Entegra Ltd. was founded in August 2008 with main activity consisting of developing and implementing entire software solutions, as well as integration with external systems. Initially, the company developed business software for production and trade directed to every sector. Subsequently, it specializes in the sectors Agrobusiness, Transport and logistics, Production and printing of packages. That allows the team to gain experience in the respective fields.


Sector: Information and communication technology

TechnoLogica Bulgaria is a software company with offices in Serbia and North Macedonia. For more than 30 years, the company has been developing a comprehensive range of information technology services including implementation of information systems, software development, consulting and specialized training. Its main clients are big companies, banks, telecom operators and government institutions.

Inox Ltd.

Sector: Machine-building industry

Inox Ltd. was founded in 1992 under the name of Rashkov-Dimitrov General Partnership. It has more than 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and installation of industrial equipment. The company offers a wide variety of engineering services in the field of design, project management, development, construction, manufacturing and installation, as well as maintenance and repair of custom-made machines and equipment according to the needs of our clients. In collaboration with the University of Russe “Angel Kanchev”, Inox Ltd. offers a scholarship program through which trains the future managers and engineers.

ADP – Smolyan Ltd.

Sector: Machine-building industry

ADP – Smolyan Ltd. was founded in 1991 with main activity consisting of designing and manufacturing of industrial equipment. At the present moment, the company specializes in manufacturing machines and equipment with Computer Numerical Control Systems (CNC). The company also offers services like re-equipment of machines with CNC, 3D scanning and production of elements with difficult geometry from wood, aluminum, magnesium, different types of plastics, and so on.

SingleCelled Ltd.

Sector: Food industry

SingleCelled Ltd. comes up with, creates and improves the food and food supplements recipes. The company entered the Bulgarian market in 2018. As of now, SingleCelled has successfully enriched their product line with more than 50 products. The company’s team strives to offer several options for the development, production and usage of certain raw materials and recipes – the clients can choose the option that best suits their needs.

Europack Bulgaria

Sector: Chemistry

Europack Bulgaria is a modern enterprise founded in 2007. The main purpose of the company is the production of modern functional packaging for the food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Europack Bulgaria has at its disposal the most modern line for the production of envelope packaging of the French company “HOLWEG”.

Convoy World S.A.

Sector: Chemistry

Convoy World S.A. is a leading trading company of consumer goods between several countries. As of 2000, the company has a new modern enterprise located in the North part of Sofia. The company’s main activity is the production of polyurethane foam, both polyester and polyether, household products like kitchen sponges, bath sponges and mops. Convoy Worlds exports in more than 30 countries while striving to provide their customers with a range of high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly products.

Daisy Tech

Sector: Electrical engineering

Daisy Tech is specialized in developing, producing and distribution of electronic products. The company is a leading provider of complete POS solutions, fiscal cash registers, fiscal printers, price computing scales, retail software and related POS equipment for SMEs and government institutions.


Sector: Electrical engineering

For the past five years, we have been creating electric bicycles under the brand Eljoy to accelerate the transition of the cities of today to the utopia of tomorrow. The company is in partnership with world leader in the field of food delivery such as Just Eat Takeaway and Foodpanda. The bicycles, as well as the batteries for them, are produced in Bulgaria.

Piros Ltd.

Sector: Textile industry

Piros Ltd. is a leading women’s and men’s wear clothing manufacturer in Bulgaria. The company was founded in 1997. Its long-term partnerships with leading European suppliers, allows us to offer our clients high-quality and innovative materials. Piros provides closed production cycle – developing the cut and grading, materials selection and order as well as the mass production.

Ayali Group Ltd.

Sector: Cosmetics

Ayali Group Ltd. was founded in 2016. It is a young, quickly developing company that specializes in production and trade with essential oils and floral waters. Its clients are foreign companies, that is, the company realizes 100% export. The company’s fast development is due to the targeted and innovative approach to the organization of partner relationships (producers, suppliers, clients), the constant improvement of the client service and the training of employees.

Innova BM Ltd.

Sector: Biotechnology

Innova Bm is biotechnical start-up that bets on plant-based biotechnologies and their implementation in cosmetics, food supplements and pharmacy. In partnership with the Institute of Microbiology of BAS, the company is investing in innovative developments of stem cells cultures.

Aichhorn & Co Ltd.

Sector: Medicine

Aichhorn & Co Ltd. was founded in 2000 with main activity of production and trade with disposable medical devices. Aichhorn & Co Ltd. produces disposable sterile dressing kits containing plastic or metal instruments and consumables such as tampons and compresses with application in postoperative surgery, emergency care, hemodialysis, outpatient and other wound care.

The Export Hub Bulgaria is publicly private initiative with the purpose of increasing the export potential of the Bulgarian business. Under the aegis of Export Hub Bulgaria are organized international events in the country. You can find the full information on the official site www.exporthub.bg.

Export Hub Bulgaria is backed up by:

  • Bulgarian SME Promotion Agency – initiator.
  • Sofia Tech Park
  • Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency
  • Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association
  • Bulgarian Industrial Association
  • Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria
  • University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Economic Policy Institute
  • CleanTech Bulgaria
  • M3 Communications Group
  • Bulgarian Consultancy Organization
  • The Bulgarian Startup Association
  • Professional Association of Robotics and Automation (PARA)
  • Bulgarian Employers’ Association Innovative Technologies (BRAIT)
  • Software University

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