Participants in the competition “Entrepreneurs in Science” organized by the Karoll Knowledge Foundation have been introduced to the opportunities of the Laboratory Complex at Sofia Tech Park.

28 November 2018

Participants in the “Entrepreneurs in Science” competition, organized by the Karoll Knowledge Foundation, have been welcomed at the Laboratory Complex of Sofia Tech Park and learned about the opportunities provided by the scientific units for commercialization of R & D and for building links between science and business. The managers of BioinfoTech laboratory and MicroNanoLab has shown the young scientists about the activities and projects they are currently developing. The participants in the contest also met with “Go4Raw”, a start-up company part the Incubator, who carried out their R & D activities in the Laboratory Complex.
Karoll Knowledge Foundation supports young Bulgarian scientists who work on important scientific topics and aim to achieve technological commercialization and practical applicability of the material, model, product or technology developed in the field of biotechnology and nanotechnology. Participants in “Entrepreneurs in Science” are scientists, assistants and PhD students from the Medical University of Sofia, the Faculty of Biology and Physics of the Sofia University, assistants of microbiology, biophysics and biodiversity at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and specialists in gastroenterology at ISUL University Hospital.

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