Sofia Tech Park opens two innovative spaces for entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators

05 February 2020

Sofia Tech Park opens two new spaces aimed at supporting innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, students and people with ideas and anyone who would like to pursue a successful innovative initiative. The aim is to facilitate synergies between the scientific and the entrepreneurial community in developing innovative market products or services. The creation of Groworking Space and Club House in the Business Incubator is also intended to stimulate and facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas, concepts and experiences between business and academics who develop their projects based on activities in applied science.

Our ambition is to turn the Groworking Space into a modern and welcoming place for people with innovative ideas in the field of science, who will work in the community and grow their ideas into a successful business. We will start with 35 comfortable work desks that are designed to meet the needs of small start-ups and developing technology teams.

The space can also be visited individually by entrepreneurs, students and people whose projects are just at the idea level. The workspaces can be rented short or long term. The members will also have areas for team work, rest, dining, conference rooms and other accompanying services.

Groworking Space subscribed visitors will have the opportunity to work closely with the expert teams from the 11th high-tech laboratories of the Science and Technology Park, which will foster the development of the innovative ideas or projects with their expertise. Groworking Space will also provide a range of services such as consulting, training, mentoring sessions, access to Sofia Tech Park events, programs and investment opportunities as well as continued development of their innovative projects.

We have also settled up a small children’s area where we will provide comfort for the children of the working parents in our shared office space. There is also a green park environment with outdoor fitness and a playground.

The Club House is an autonomous part of Groworking Space and is a multifunctional space for formal and informal events that promote productivity; for internal and external company meetings; team building; screenings and other events in a contemporary setting.

The purpose of this space is to contribute to the creation of different communities, to support the exchange of ideas, achievements and results in the scientific and entrepreneurial community, which will activate the processes of commercialization of Bulgarian science. Sofia Tech Park will also develop and support the Clubs of Interest, with Club House being the home for their regular meetings.

From the very beginning, 6 different clubs are starting in the Club House:

  1. Space Club – for fans of space science and technology;
  2. Drone+ Club – for drone and aviation technology fans;
  3. “Entrepreneurs in Science” Club, organized in partnership with the “Carol Knowledge” Foundation;
  4. Robo Club – Robotics Club, organized in partnership with PARA;
  5. Artificial Intelligence Club, organized in partnership with Artificial Intelligence Cluster;
  6. Anonymous Innovators Club, founded at the Supersonic 2019 Annual Conference on Researchers, Inventors, Entrepreneurship and Investment.

Various activities also are included in the event calendar, which are targeting wider range public as well as people with interest towards innovations and who wish to interact and partner with the community in Sofia Tech Park.

The official opening of Groworking Space and Club House will be on 21.02.2020, 17:30.

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