Sofia Tech Park organizes a webinar on topic “The new norm – How to keep our customers, attract new ones and be successful despite the crisis?”

21 May 2020

Little by little the restrictions are being lifted and Europe is beginning to recover and move towards the ‘new norm’. How will company leaders and sales teams balance new challenges for business and customers? The current topic will be presented during the free webinar organized by Sofia Tech Park as part of its “Dare” initiative. Guest speaker will be Toma Staykov, Manager of SBR Consulting in Bulgaria. The company is part of the Southwestern Family of Companies with over 160 years of history in direct sales and the development of retailers and trade leaders. Consults clients in over 30 countries, including large companies such as Google and Facebook, as well as start-ups. The subject of the conversation is: “The new norm – How to keep our customers, attract new ones and be successful despite the crisis?” Within an hour Toma will examine and analyze the crisis in its three phases: isolation, recovery and development, the new norm. Through this prism, he will explore what leaders, salespeople and consultants can do to succeed in the emerging new norm and the new business reality. According to Toma, the preparation, enhancement of competencies and optimization of tools and ways of selling should be the focus of traders and their leaders now and the way to take to emerge stronger from the current crisis. Is now the time to take business risks? Who will consumers buy from, what do you do to keep your customers and market share? What are you doing to reach new customers and increase your market share? To find out what are the best practices and how you can prepare for the “new norm”, register for free and participate in the next episode of “Dare” with Toma Staykov at the link –

Viewers will also have the opportunity to ask questions to Toma, as well as to Natanail Stefanov, who is part of Sofia Tech Park team, and will be a partner and host of the conversation. This is another webinar part of the “Dare” initiative of Sofia Tech Park, which is aimed at active young people, innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, students. It aims to provide up-to-date information to companies, different points of view, ideas and projects, to share positive examples of personal, professional and business development, as well as to provide an opportunity to exchange experiences through discussion with the audience. “Dare” will continue to present in the coming weeks different perspectives and opinions on the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis that has gripped the world in recent months, as well as try to point to examples of good practice and provide expert advice.

For Toma Staykov – The Toma’s professional motto is – “Sales, coaching and motivating people have changed and continue to change my life. That’s why I love what I do.” In this way, he describes his 10-year career, which includes sales, managing sales teams and developing organizations in Bulgaria and in the United States. In 2009, at the age of 21, he formed his first sales team of 10 people. During the period 2011 to 2012 he worked at Southwestern Advantage. Toma also has a number of awards:

  • Тop trader for the first year (International Division) in 2011;
  • Top trader for the second year (International Division) in 2012;
  • Top experienced trader (finishing in the top 10% of the company in the world) 2012;

  • Special award: “The Wall of the Greats” – for selection and building a team of 20+ traders (First place in the company in the world) 2012;

  • Gold award – for 80+ hours of work week (12 weeks in a row);

In 2013 he started working in the company Delta3 Consulting – a business developed and growing 6 years in a row, and in 2017 he created the Bulgarian branch of SBR Consulting.

Toma and Natanail will be expecting you at 28th May 2020 starting at 17:00 Register for free participation here:

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