Sofia Tech Park will cooperate with UNWE in the field of intellectual property and technology transfer

12 March 2020

Sofia Tech Park will partner with UNWE in scientific and practical activities in the field of intellectual property and technology transfer. This is envisaged in the cooperation agreement between the two institutions, which was signed by the Chairman of the Management Board of Sofia Tech Park – Vasil Karaivanov and the rector of the University Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov. The Institute for Creative Industries and Business at UNWE will support the activity of the Science and Technology Park in establishing the connection between the academic society and the business, as well as in the economic realization of innovative developments created in the park or with its participation.

The agreement also includes joint efforts towards development the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy, as well as to create an effective platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas between science, entrepreneurship, state institutions and society.

Sofia Tech Park and UNWE aim to organize and implement joint projects, initiatives and events related to raising the quality of awareness of the businesses and universities on intellectual property and technology transfer through information meetings, open days, training seminars and other initiatives. Organizations will work towards support the start-up businesses through consultations in the field of intellectual property and technology transfer. Joint trainings of the Sofia Tech Park’s ecosystem entrepreneurs will be organized as well as activities for establishing contacts with third countries in areas of mutual interest, including the integration of efforts to enhance the international cooperation of the Bulgarian research environment. The agreement also envisages joint development of innovative business plans and projects, actions towards commercialization of innovations (including finding markets and partners, internationalization of business, export orientation, etc.), as well as creation of a Laboratory for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. UNWE students will have the opportunity to conduct internships and practical classes at Sofia Tech Park and the companies that are part of the innovative ecosystem of the Science and Technology Park. In this regard, ongoing is the preparation and creation of a platform for interaction between companies – clients and partners of Sofia Tech Park on the one hand and students of the UNWE on the other, to work on tasks and projects led by university lecturers.

During the signing of the agreements attended: the member of the Supervisory Board at Sofia Tech Park Teodor Sedlarski, the Vice Chairman of the Management Board at Sofia Tech Park Natanail Stefanov, as well as Prof. Dr. Miroslava Rakovska, Vice-Rector for Educational Activity, the Vice-Rector for Scientific Research Activity Prof. Dr. Diana Kopeva, the Vice-Rector for Institutional and Business Cooperation and Student Policies Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tsvetana Stoyanova and the Director of the Institute of Creative Industries and Business Prof. Dr. Vladia Borisova.

The agreement is a continuation of the Memorandum of cooperation signed between Sofia Tech Park and UNWE in 2013.

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