The Children’s Interactive Center TechnoMagicLand became one year old

12 July 2019

The Interactive innovation children center TechnoMagicLand of Sofia Tech Park has celebrated the first anniversary from its opening on July 23rd 2018. The celebration was marked with open doors day for free visits, as well as celebration, which gathered friends, sponsors and fans of science and technology.

More than 14,000 little, as well as bigger visitors have visited the children’s center exposition for its first 365 days, 115 organized groups of 23 settlements in Bulgaria, according to data. Over 40 interactive experimental stations are in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, informatics and 3D technology, virtual reality. The center also offers many additional activities. Over the first year, more than 300 demonstrations were organized on 10 topics in physics and chemistry, 6 different courses, and 9 different workshops. Eight schools recognized the innovative teaching approach and has conducted classes from their curriculum in TechnoMagicLand.

The center succeeded in keeping the cause and has attracted 15 volunteers – students from schools in Sofia, which can already very capably welcome groups and present the experiments to their smaller guests or peers. For the Sofia Tech Park team this year has passed imperceptibly, mainly because we have shared it with many new and old friends of science and knowledge. We are thankful for the partnership with the “TechnoLogica” team, with which together we have created and developed “TechnoMedicLend” – a new, interesting and fun place for the children of Bulgaria.

The Interactive Children center is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. It targets children and youth aged 7 to 14+. It is the place where, teachers and parents have the opportunity to explore science and technology closely, ask questions and receive answers from competent experts. The team is using the learning by doing and learning by fun approach when presenting educational elements.

TechnoMagicLand has the potential to contribute to the revitalization and upgrading of Bulgarian educational traditions, related to the availability of well-equipped laboratories and provides opportunities for extracurricular activities and training. With the establishment and expansion of the Center’s activities, we hope to go beyond the bounds of its initial mission as part of the improvement and reform of the Bulgarian education system. Therefore, the center plans are to update its exposition each year up to 30% and provide new and interesting experiments and demonstrations, special education programs, themed events, workshops, scientific sessions and courses unique for Bulgarian market.

The past year has shown us that we are working in the right direction and regardless of the difficulties that are following every initiative, the TechnoMagicLand project, implemented jointly by the Bulgarian software company “TechnoLogica” and “Sofia Tech Park” JSC has been awarded with the prestigious award of BBLB “Investor in Knowledge”.

“For us TechnoMagicLand is a cause, with which we want to attract the children of Bulgaria and to make them love science and knowledge, understand technology, be curious and open to the world and in same time to have fun and be happy” said the Chairman of the Management Board of “Sofia Tech Park” JSC Vassil Karaivanov during the celebration on the occasion of the first birthday of children’s interactive center. He thanked the TechnoLogica team for the joint work on the project and the efforts to develop the exposition. Karaivanov stressed that the development of the Center will continue as a priority element, both during implementation of the Phase 2 and in the forthcoming Phase 3 of the Science and Technology Park project, which is funded by the European Commission’s Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness”.

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