VR and AR Applications for Theater Expenses presented the Virtual and Expanded Reality Laboratory of Sofia Tech Park at an exhibition in Prague

13 June 2019

VR and AR applications for theater performance demonstrate the Virtual Reality and Expanded Reality Laboratory of Sofia Tech Park at the world’s largest event in the field of scenography and performing arts, held in Prague from June 6th to June 16th. The team of scientists participates in the exhibition in partnership with the UBA on a project for the conglomerate exhibition pavilion, which visitors can see during the exhibition. Every year, representatives of more than 78 countries and more than 300,000 visitors are present at the exhibition.

The interactive VR application implements the first virtual exhibition of Bulgarian stage and screen art, which offers the audience a new type of experience – the feeling of being “in” the spectacle, on the stage, in touch with the theatrical setting.

The VR app allows users to peek behind the scenes or the playground and watch some of the selected shows from different viewpoints. The AR application turns the real metal frame into a frame in which 54 selected theatrical productions can be seen. As visitors walk around the pavilion space, they discover new and new performances. Once they become active and selected, for all productions there are beautifully structured information about the team, a biography of the set designer, selected photo / video material. 11 hexagons attract the attention of visitors with the fact that they feature performances that can be viewed through “expanded reality” original props – dolls, masks, costumes, scenery.

The participation in the World Exhibition is part of a joint project of the science and technology park with UBA. The Conglomerate Project is an interactive exhibition pavilion that shows the best visual solutions in six different genres – theater, puppet theater, opera, cinema, contemporary dance, performative arts.

“Conglomerates” is also important in a different context – the introduction of a unique method of archiving of stage works and the launch of a systematic information campaign for virtual information masses intended for the research work of art students and theorists. The #CONGLOMERATE curator Ogniana Serafimova trusted the laboratory and entrusted her with the realization of the interactive part of her concept.

The upcoming life of the Conglomat interactive exhibition pavilion is promising – visiting various local and international festivals, decentralizing the cultural life in the country and creating a new image of the Bulgarian scenography guild.

The personal interaction between the viewer and the pavilion is an innovative form of communication and an unconventional way of presenting the scenic art.

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