17 май 2022 13:00 – 18:00

Covid-19 accelerated healthcare digitisation. Remote care access (through telemedicine) is at the forefront of care delivery, both within the healthcare system and in-home settings. Advanced data gathering and analytics, fast-developing diagnostics, and in-silico solutions evolved patient understanding for better therapeutic modalities. This led to more startups in the field, more capital being deployed in healthcare, and increased startup valuationsA general trend that we see is that the boundaries are blurred and all parts of ‘life science’ approach each other. The combination of advances in technology, AI, digitalisation, and biology really opens up for new possibilities within healthtech, both in terms of more advanced diagnostic devices and more adaptable personalised devices.

We also see an increased focus on preventive care, driven by digitalisation and technological advancement. In terms of what we look for, a common factor is that it should be something that changes how we look at a treatment or diagnosis. There should be a ‘wow factor’, i.e. a disruptive technology or the solution to a major medical problem.

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